Go Go Gadget Kitty!

Hello All,
I ran some random heroics on my druid as DPS! Muahaha! I’ve been working on her feral DPS set. I ran into a couple of pugs yesterday that wanted me to scream at my laptop (poor laptop). One that was definitely my favorite (and not my favorite) is when I joined a random for Heroic Halls of Reflection as a replacement for DPS. My party had a warrior tank with 34K HP, Holy Pally, Arcane Mage, & Unholy Deathknight (and me!). I’m guessing a hunter dropped group. After getting to wave 3, we wiped. The tank ranted about how all the DPS was attacking a different target and left the group. Everyone else left except Mage & Me. We queued up a DPS & Healer and received a Deathknight Tank, Fury Warrior, & Destro Warlock. We wiped on the first pull…Tank sucked so bad that everyone was just dying one by one even if I’m spamming heals on the DPS & the tank. Deathknights are squishy to begin with!:

I was so furious. This was the first time anyone said I sucked as Healer since…well, since I can remember…even when I was healing in Classic as Shadow. Now, most people have told me that healing on a druid in Halls of Reflection is a pain in the tush. However, I find it is MUCH easier to heal on my druid than my other healing toons. The only times I find it hard to heal on my druid is if tanks don’t get mobs off of me right away. I die…group dies. We ended up vote kicking the tank and the warrior DPS leaves. It’s now just the Warlock, Mage, and Me. We get a Warrior tank with 38K HP & a Ret Pally. We got to the 1st boss, then wiped, Mended up, wiped but killed the 1st boss, Mended up, got to wave 9 before wiping. I was done after that. Tank was doing fine on keeping aggro off of me, but as time went on…the warlock was getting pissy. Keep in mind the Mage who was here from the beginning hasn’t said an insulting word to anyone in the party. I give him/her props for that */claps* After doing a few painful heroics (including one where I wiped the group while running heroic Pit of Saron with guildies…I could talk all day about the heroics I’ve done), I just surfed the net and took a break from WoW before starting on Dinner. After putting my son to bed for the night early (and he slept all night again!), I ran a couple of randoms with my hubby’s toons tanking. Hubby got a new tank sword from Pit of Saron and he can duel wield now! On my kitty, I usually do about 2000-2200 DPS in my kitty set, and I boosted her DPS about 2oo more. Woot! Getting Practice on her :D

After those randoms, a couple of guildies asked us if we wanted to do 10 man Trial of the Champion, [because our ICC 10 raid was cancelled ):] I healed on my druid and we invited a few of our good players (on their alts) as well as two new guildies whom I’ve never seen before. One included a Resto druid…who wiped us because he wasn’t in Vent. He gave us the excuse of not being in vent because of ‘wife aggro’. That’s a new excuse for not getting into ventrilo for me?! Your wife will let you play WoW and raid, yet not allow you to use ventrilo? Whatever. We were doing just fine without him being in vent…until he wiped us. I explained fights to him…still wiped us. It just got to the point where we stated “No Vent? No loots!” in raid chat. We cleared Trial of the Champion (UGH it’s Crusader for the raid! Get it right!) and no druid loot dropped. I did get a tank trinket though! I really doubt I’ll ever tank on her though. Kitty DPS & Tree healing is so much fun. I need to level up my warrior so I have another 80 tank though T_T.

After the raid, I just went to bed. I was so tired. I have no idea what to do today other than randoms. More than likely, my guild will surprise me with another raid. Blah…I kind of stopped spamming my Print Screen button for screenshot. I need to start doing that again so I have pictures for this blog. No one likes to read nothing but a big wall of text (at least that I know of). Also watch a video that was featured in Blessing of Kings‘ countdown of best WoW Videos over the next few weeks…One of the BEST WoW videos I’ve seen. Excited to see the other three videos in the countdown. Well…Breakfast time!



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