Glory Of A Hero

   Got my T9 Legs on my priest. YAY! 4 piece set bonus! haha! Didn’t play much World of Warcraft today. Got asked to heal 10 man Icecrown Citadal and I refused. Instead of raiding, I did Heroic Oculus, Halls of Stone, Nexus, and Utgarde Pinnacle achievements. I’m only 6 more achievements away from my Red Drake! Michael is only two achievements away. Perhaps tomorrow, we will get that accomplished for him. I still have to make at least two more trips to Oculus before I get my red drake. Also got to tank Heroic Forge of Souls on my Death Knight while Michael DPSed on his Warrior. We wiped a couple of times on the last boss due to a mage who kept DPSing…that same mage left our group because we ‘fail’ at it. Apparently some people get the last bosses of Pit of Saron & Forge of Souls mixed up. I’m not really sure the ‘correct’ strategy on the bosses because I’ve only done it a few times. Based on my experience in the instances: 
   1) Forge of Souls – Boss puts a mark on a Target, ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THE BOSS gets transferred to the marked Target.
   2) Pit of Saron – Boss puts a mark on a Target, ANY DAMAGE BY THE MARKED TARGET gets transferred to the Boss’s Target. If the Marked Target is a Healer, Any healing heals the boss. 

   Although I was irritated at the mage, It was a funny run. I accidently killed Mike’s Warrior by my 5k Howling Blast. HAHA! Then doing  Ruby Void on Heroic Oculus was fun to create a strategy and it actually worked before reading up on it.  The one in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle  where you have to defeat the 3rd boss within 3 minutes, a pug actually did it correctly and No one died! YAY! haha. I’m off to bed now. I plan on taking a nap tomorrow because I’ve been lacking some sleep. 



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