Getting Used to New Technology…

Hello All,

So I am still getting used to my new laptop. It feel very weird to be able to play WoW on Ultra settings. Almost like it was too good to be true. It definitely feels like a whole new game, so I’ve been doing a bit of exploring in World of Warcraft. Seeing things in a new light. I’ve added a couple of pictures, and some of the pictures you’ve seen before. But You can kind of see the difference between the pictures.

BEFORE: The Tempest Keep Instances, Netherstorm

AFTER: The Tempest Keep Instances, Netherstorm

BEFORE: Elemental Plateau, Nagrand

AFTER: Elemental Plateau, Nagrand

Granted that the Before picture of Elemental Plateau was taken during the evening hours, but you can see the difference on the ground alone.



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