Gearing Out

Hello All,
I didn’t really do anything on WoW yesterday. I ended up doing some errands with the family. We went to Target to get cereal…yea One box of Honey Nut Cheerios. haha. It was cheaper there than anywhere else! Anyways…After checking out the toy section & the kids movies, we went to Walmart where my son fell asleep in the car. We didn’t get anything at WalMart either. I’ve noticed that their toy section seems very limited compared to the other months I’ve been there. When we were leaving WalMart, we got a happy meal at McDonalds for my son. His toy was from the new Chipmunk Movie, Jeanette saying “We’re sisters! Uh Huh!”…yea, threw that away. My son woke up as I was putting him in his car seat so he ate his happy meal in the car. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a lot of groceries. By the time, I got on WoW and actually played it was 8:30 EST. I didn’t take any screenshots in WoW last night either.

I did 10 man Trial of the Champion on my priest. I got a DPS ring and a trinket that I got on my druid the other day. I was going to give this elemental shaman my DPS ring, but then I realized both his rings were better. Sure, one was a spirit ring…but it had haste and more spell power! We didn’t get to down Anub’arak. Our DPS was too low. I didn’t know he had an enrage timer until…well he enraged after 10 minutes of battle. After 2 hours of trying to down the last boss, we decided to call it quits. After the raid, I went to do one random heroic on my shaman before bed. I’m trying to help this rogue & gear him out…because he’s in PvP gear. I’m assuming that he doesn’t really know what to do since he was mainly doing PvP and PvE is kind of different.

A guildie stated that PVP IS BAD FOR RAIDS/PVE. I would like to say that PvP gear isn’t bad for PvE, but in a sense it is. Most of my 80 toons do have at least one PvP piece in their PvE set. I’ll tell you why. On my Druid, I needed boots..but I couldn’t find leather healing boots that I could get since no one does Naxx, Ulduar, or Eye of Eternity. My husband did craft these one pair of boots from leatherworking, and I replaced them with this pair of boots.

I ended up using an orange gem of 9 Spell Power & 8 Crit rating. Not including enchants, I’d lose 18 spirit & 6 intellect. I’d gain 39 more stamina & 13 more spellpower (22 with the gem I picked). Since my old boots didn’t have a socket, I should exclude it in my new boots. I don’t need more spirit (415 Mp5 while casting & ~705 while not casting) and it’s only a little bit of intellect. I do need more spell power and definitely more Stamina. So in a sense, the PvP boots are an upgrade. I don’t recommend replacing every piece of PVE gear with PvP gear. Most pvp gear has more stamina & resilience, but have less of the important stats to have like Hit & Mana Regen. You definitely don’t want to be in all PvP gear but I think it’s fine to replace a PvE piece with a PvP piece so long as it is an upgrade. By upgrade, I mean not hurting your PvE stats that are important to keep.

I’m planning on writing a little small tutorial on how to use Recount in the future. I ran into a question on the WoW Moms Forums from a Cafemom user who just turned Level 80:
How can you find out how much dps you can do?”

I tried explaining how to use Recount but with no screenshots and no real tutorial to show step by step. I figured why not? I just don’t know when I’ll do it, but I plan on doing it sometime this week. Well, Breakfast time!



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One Comment on "Gearing Out"

  1. sushicookie January 19, 2010 at 3:06 PM - Reply

    Recount wasn't to bad to use, I'm using skada now and OMG it's so confusing. D: I cant figure out how to make it show me overall stats. It just keeps refreshign for each fight. >.

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