Font Enemies.

Hello everyone,
    Nothing happened today that was “OH-SO-EXCITING!” Michael and I saw ‘Public Enemies’ and I’d like to say that I’m disappointed…Mainly because throughout the whole movie, I had to cover my ears. The sounds of popping from the sound volume being all over the place, gunfire, AND the fact that it was 3 hours of practically 1930’s action; which is boring to me. The story was great, I actually cried on some parts. Still was a disappointment mainly because the theater showing was not all that well. As soon as I got home, I went straight to my laptop and started making fonts based on this one code I made. After I was done with that, I asked Michael if I could do a font of his handwriting…The result below using a 18 pt size….


As much as I love this program, ‘FontCreator’ I don’t like how I cannot make anything below a 14 pt font readable. When I say readable, I mean readable and not blurry. Still, I used my handwriting font for my desktop icons now. Teehee. I’ll post another font picture using the code I made up tomorrow. Logan just woke up and I’m heading for bed.

Nighty Night.



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