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Hello All!
I did something totally new and different for me yesterday as far as WoW goes. I respec’d my warrior from a fury duel wielding cow to a cow tank. Yes, I am a protection warror. I haven’t been a protection warrior since the beginning of BC. If that’s not good enough, it was a level 16 undead warrior. So my (tauren) warrior is my real true warrior. I’ve always tanked as fury (with tank gear) in instances and be able to do quite well. I figured I would slowly level my warrior through experience while tanking instances. Rather than doing quests, I would want to be doing dungeons. I can’t stand questing by myself and I must at least have someone to talk to while questing. I ran Sunken Temple and Blackrock Depths multiple times before I actually got my random dungeon done (due to people dying and NOT know where they are going). PuGs should learn to speak up so I know I should type in party chat telling them where to go as I’m running back. I don’t have good enough brain cells to explain in detail HOW to get there without going through the process. Miatilda is now level 52, Thanks to the new Dungeon Finder. Now, it’s going to bug me that she’s 52 rather a rounded level 60. Hopefully, that will give me enough motivation to level her. Tanking is actually pretty fun and easy since I got Devastate & Warbringer. The only problem I was having was with casters because they hurt. Trying to LoS/silence them while Mobs are hitting me is not fun. Of course, I wasn’t using Spell Reflection to take off at least some damage so I do need to work on that. I know, you’re probably thinking “A level 52 Prot Warrior??” Yes but that’s not the ‘new and different’ thing I wanted to share with you guys. HA! Tricked ya! :P

The new and different thing is…are you ready?…It’s following Toon help! Wait, What? Well basically, it’s when you look stuff about your toon (through Forums Posts or articles) and follow through it. I’ve always read online about my classes that I’m currently interested in but never really followed what they said. I like how I come up with my talents and my rotation to fit my playstyle. I tried it out on my warrior because my husband is usually the one I go to with these things. He was sick in bed asleep so I figured it would be a perfect time to try this new thing. I found this one post about ‘Prot Warrior leveling‘ on WoWhead with step-by-step talents and glyphs. Without even reading the whole thing (and skipping to my level range), I just copied the talents and glyphs that was stated. Usually, I think and talk about my talents as to how I can generate the best healing/damage/threat for abilities I would like to use. I’ve never actually followed someone’s advice through articles or posts. I keep seeing everyone in party point out the lowest DPS to ElitistJerks to figure out how to play their toon. I have no problems with ElitistJerks or ANY site that is similar to them. I actually /applaud for all the hard work they’ve done to help people play their class right. When I was told to go there for my druid healing, (and after laughing) I decided to check it out. I was using the abilities/talents exactly what the forum posts were stating…ok so what was the purpose of me going there? Other than humoring a PuG? Well, now I’m on a mission. I’m planning on polling players to see if THEY have used some follow toon help article for any of their toons. I know…there are cookie cutter talent builds out there. I know there are also people who (like me) just came up with a build at the top of their head and it turned out to be a cookie cutter build.

On another note, I got my Bloodsail Title Achievement :D Woot! I know. Settle Down, it’s already done and over with. I wouldn’t recommend this to just any WoW player. Why? because in the process, you lose Reputation with Booty Bay. Not just Booty Bay, but ALL of Steamwheedle Cartel! You actually get the LOWEST reputation possible with some of them (0/36000 into Hated). You pretty much have to kill mobs to gain 5 rep a kill. I didn’t exactly know about this when I signed up to do this with my husband who is going for the ‘Insane in the Membrane‘ achievement. You literally have to be insane to do that. When my husband told me he was going for it (before I knew the achievement name), I told him he was insane and it wasn’t worth it. It’s going to suck grinding the rep back up but we can do it! I still plan on keeping my title because it’ll help when I feel like Roleplaying ;P. Oh speaking of which, my 3 drake zerg of Obsidian Sanctum went quite well :D I’m hoping the same people show up for next week (even the one that won the mount). Actually, the raid could’ve went better. I say that because I wasn’t exactly a good raid leader or at least things kept happening to me that didn’t make me too happy. First, I have been getting sick here recently and I was so congested yesterday that I couldn’t even think. Second, my WoW crashed before I could even invite a 10th person so I figured people would leave before we started because my laptop is SO slow. Third…I died to Fire Adds, anhk’d up, and let the tank die because I was moving out of a shadow fissure. Fourth, my son woke up from his nap as soon as loot was being distributed. I didn’t get to say ‘Thanks for coming’ or mention what to do after the raid. I just felt like I did a horrible job BUT people said I did an awesome job so I’ll get over that eventually. Ugh…ok, I’m going to stop writing now. I need something to eat and Being Sick sucks…




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