First ToGc 10! WOOT!

Hello All!
I haven’t really been playing all that much on WoW. We got to Festergut on Tuesday in our ICC 25 raid. Some leather pieces dropped but I ended up passing to Rogues in guild. Haven’t been able to make the group yet to go back and continue. Last night, we did ToGc and it was a first for the most of us. Actually, I think only one person has done it before XD We got to the last boss with 47 attempts left. Then we called it at 39 attempts haha. I thought we did pretty well considering that most pugs on our server don’t get to IceHowl. I won a neck piece off of Jaxx. So now, my health is at 47.4k HP unbuffed AND I have a 5390 gearscore ^_^. Feels good to have a tank set higher than my offspec resto set. My husband’s pally is over 5600 gearscore and that just seems crazy to me. We have ICC 10 tonight and I have no idea if we’ll do it. My friend has some real life stuff to attend to and I don’t want to go without her XD. I also don’t know if we’ll find a replacement for her this week. We’ll see though. I’ve been doing the Elders on my shaman; I just need to the Eastern Kingdoms & the Dungeons and I’m all done this holiday. Oh yea, I won a Battered Hilt from Heroic Halls of Reflection. I ended up selling it for 8.5k gold and used that gold for my hubby’s motorcycle! Yes, he has it now. I guess I could’ve used the hilt on one of our toons but Our mains are my druid & his Paladin. We hardly play our other toons to make the quest reward worthwhile. Well, I’m going to go and take a shower.

I have the Chorus as a ringtone XD Actually I have a few WoW Ringtones but this one is set as my default one ^_^.
I dont want to be Resto, I dont want to be moonkin, I wanna be feral,
damn sure not a boomkin,
bear form, tank mode
cat form, spank mode
enter the arenas then you may go into rape mode


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One Comment on "First ToGc 10! WOOT!"

  1. Sushicookie February 20, 2010 at 10:32 AM - Reply

    Haha that's a cute song. <3
    I like this one lately,

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