Firelands Nerf Experience…

BoHvXv & Ragnaros in 25man (9/21/2011)

Hello All!

So it’s Thursday! I love Thursdays. It’s the end of the week for me as far as classes go. There is also no WoW commitments that I have to do on Thursdays. So, Thursdays are like Fridays…in a way. Anyways, I wanted to write this post because it’s been a while; since I just made a post mainly about WoW.

So a couple of days ago, I read that Blizzard were applying Nerfs to Firelands. According to them, it was so that players can experience as much encounters as possible before patch 4.3 came out. I’m not a big raider, in fact I just started raiding two weeks ago. My intentions were to just help my guild out. Seeing how much (if any) Ragnaros had changed from my last encounter with him back in Molten Core.

Ragnaros from my View (9/21/2011)

Usually, I’m against Nerfs. I like stuff to be a challenge in this game. With how WoW has become over the last 3 years, any challenge is welcome to me. BUT…I am happy to say that I actually was happy with our 25 man progression, because of the nerf. A lot of the fights were a joke, but when we downed MajorDomo…I was ecstatic! This was because it was our first time encountering Majordomo in 25 man. We had trouble with Alysrazor the previous week (darn tornadoes), so this was new stuff. Not to mention that I didn’t read ANY Firelands boss strategies, and had to go off of what the Raid Leader was explaining.

We got to Ragnaros, and I love the fight. I felt so dumb though for the first attempt. As Ragnaros would cast this Sulfuras Smash, I would just stand there in awe. Watching it cast these beautiful Lava Waves…BAM Dead. Whoops. My bad. Of course after that attempt, I hardly got hit my waves. The Sons of Flames…my gosh. HOW do others do that part? I was even using my Holy Word: Chastise ability, (only to find out that it doesn’t work)…and we had so trouble with that. Well after like 8 attempts, we called the raid after one of our healers informed us that he had to leave.

While I'm dead, Screenshot Sulfuras :P (9/21/2011)

My guild is Server 1st Level 25 guild, and so far the largest guild on our server. Yet, we are having problems finding dedicated raiders for our 25 mans. This is why my husband and I started raiding, instead of PvPing. I cannot wait until next week to see if we down Ragnaros or not. On the plus side, I got shoulders and a new staff! With my Valor points, I was able to buy a new ring, and wand for my priest.


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