Hello All,
After 2 months of dealing with my husband’s situation with Ventrilo…the one where he can’t lead a raid because he’s always constantly breaking up! He would move his microphone closer and we could hear him loud enough but if he took a breath, it was if he was eating his microphone. Move the Microphone away and he’s too quiet. Find a spot where we could hear him just right but he would break up.
Well Last Saturday, I finally gave in and tried to fix the darn thing.
I have Windows XP on my laptop and he has Windows Vista on his 8 month old laptop, I’ve tried:
– ‘Run as Administrator’ on Ventrilo
– Running Ethernet Cord from Router to Laptop instead of using Wireless
– Re-installing Ventrilo to be in ‘public’ folder
– Reintalled Drivers
– ‘Run as Administrator’ on WoW
– Turn different or all game sounds off and on in World of Warcraft
– Changed Ventrilo’s CPU Priority from ‘Normal’ to ‘High’
– Bought & used 3 different headsets
– Changing the ‘codec’ on our Ventrilo server
– Adding & Tweaking the ‘Volume’ Special Effects applied to his name in Ventrilo.
– Tweaking his ‘Outbound & ‘Inbound’ Settings
I don’t know if that’s ALL the things I did…but none of these things worked. The ONE thing that did worked…and it was so darn simple….was changing his Microphone Levels.
Yea, I know sounds so simple right? I turned his Microphone Levels to MAXIMUM. Then I tweaked the ‘Microphone Boost’ seting. Now, Instead of having my hubby’s Volume in Ventrilo turned to 800%, He’s now downed to 70%. Woot! So perfectly clear now.
Just thought I’d share that with everyone.


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One Comment on "FINALLY FIXED!"

  1. Cathy April 29, 2010 at 8:38 AM - Reply

    When we got our new computers last week we also suffered from vent issues. It took a while to finally get both our systems working well so that we could hear and they could hear us.

    Technology always has to be sooo complicated. You would think it would make like easier…but no, just more frustrating hehe.

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