Feral Druid Tanking!

Hello All,
Just a quick post before heading for bed. I’ve decided to take out my ‘PuG of the Week’ section because I hardly run enough heroics to even find a pug. Even if I do, I forget to screenshot it. Got to tank ICC 10 tonight :D I’m 55k HP raid buffed in bear form */flex* I did a couple of screw ups but nothing that wasn’t fixable ^_^. Someone commented that I did great for someone who never tanks haha. I got to kick a guildie out of guild today because he wanted a ‘raid spot’. Even though, he NEVER shows up and tells me he can’t make it as I’m heading for bed at 2am in the morning. Yea, that will earn yourself a raid spot really fast. Tanking has been a lot of fun. I wish I could do more raids on my druid but I’m locked to every one of them on my druid. Got the Peddlefeet pet on my priest…and…that’s it so far. I’m hoping that this Tuesday will be a FULL guild run to do ICC 25. Woot! Super excited on how that goes because a lot of people keep telling us how great we’re doing for a new guild. Feels good to be a guild master :D Anyways, I’m off to bed. Possibly doing ICC 10 again tomorrow night at Festergut….


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