Farming Machine

Hello All!

School for me starts on Tuesday! Super excited! What have I been doing since my last post? Heroics with my priest….for a bit. My brother was off from work during the holidays for about 5 days, so I got my warrior to level 85 with his rogue and some friends. My fury warrior is geared enough to do heroics, but I don’t do heroics on her. What do I do? Farm. Yea, that’s all I do all day since I got my warrior to 85. I have this daily routine of farming 10 of each volatile (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) before I do anything else. By anything else, I mean mine. Mining Elementium and Pyrite in Twilight Highlands. 10 volatiles of each kind doesn’t sound like a lot, right? That’s the minimum I set for myself. I usually farm anywhere from 30-50 volatiles of each kind a day.

I’m honestly enjoying myself farming. I even dropped my level 450 Jewelcrafting on my druid, and got Herbalism. My druid is now level 82 and her herbalism is maxed out. Now I can farm for Volatile Life and Cataclysm Herbs! I just need to level my druid up, so I can farm stuff in Twilight Highlands. I hardly play my priest anymore. I still consider her my main, but I like playing my other toons for farming. There’s just not enough time to do heroics when I find farming feels so relaxing :D Soooo that’s basically it….

Time to farm again (while watching Supercop on the Wii. Thanks Netflix)!



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