Family Visit

Hello Everyone!
Sorry, I haven’t been updating my blog. I’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks. I was getting ready for my parents arrivals! They arrived on October 29th and they were both gone by yesterday afternoon. I cried…of course. I love them both very much and I’m glad they got to see my son and meet the rest of my family. It was a busy week:

FRI: Massages & Lunch at Chili’s with my mom & Mother-in-law.
SAT: RonJons in Cocoa, FL with family, Shopped at Best Buy & Wal-Mart.
SUN: Shopping with my parents and Michael. Logan stayed at home. Cooked my enchiladas.
MON: Restful day at Home. So tired from the other stuff. Mom cooked all day.
TUES: all day to Universal Studios with Parents, Michael, and Logan.
WED: Dad left. Lunch with Marlo & Chrissy plus Outlet Shopping with Mom & Michael.
THU: Mom left, Logan went to the Doctor’s..Stressful day..

I’m sad to see my parents leave but they had to. I can’t wait for them to visit us again. I also want to see my brother & his girlfriend. OH! my mom bought stuff for Logan. A DVD player with two screens that is for traveling in the car & a digital camera that I can use for taking pictures AND videos of Logan. YAY! Videos that last longer than a minute! Salesperson said that it can record up to 10 minutes. I checked the manual and it said it’ll continue recording until it’ll reach 2GB of space. I did a 11 minute video for my brother’s Birthday DVD and it only took up 232 MB of space. So I have no idea how long I can record, BUT 10 minutes is A LOT longer that 1 minute! haha YAY!

I absolutely love the camera and yes, it is pink. I had to choose between Silver and Pink, since my mother-in-law’s camera is Silver; I chose Pink. I’m currently not in the best mood right now. Seems like everything is getting on my nerves. I’m just too tired to deal with stuff right now, just want to be left alone. No idea what the plan is for today. I will say that I need a case for my new camera though. I kind of want to get another battery for when the one that came with the camera gives out. I’ll probably just get a case for it and let it be.



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