End of October…

Hello All!

Is it really the day before Halloween? No, it’s not. I always loved this time of year. Candy sales, Pumpkin pie, and the Weather changes. Does my family celebrate Halloween? No, we don’t. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Husband’s Birthday – One of the things we do celebrate around this time of year is my husband’s birthday. It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow, which is the day before Halloween. He’ll be 27 years old. Time just flies too fast. I always enjoy birthdays. What did I get him for his birthday? A new headset for his computer. His old one was falling apart, because our 3 year old son got a hold of it. This new headset is the most expensive headset I’ve ever bought, and I hope it’s a good one. It was recommended by his dad, which he uses a headset for his office meetings. If this headset pans out, then I might get one for me in the future.

School – I’ve been doing extremely well in my classes. I have a General Biology exam on Monday, which I have yet to study about. I have to do that tomorrow. My Math teacher recently had to take leave, because she finally gave birth to her baby. So I’ve been dealing with a new substitute teacher. So far, my substitute seems really nice. I also got registered for my classes on Thursday for the spring term. I’ll be taking Humanities and Intermediate Algebra. I’m excited for them because I’ll be taking Humanities with my husband, and I’ll be having the same original teacher that I have my math class now for Intermediate Algebra! I also have made a couple of new friends at school :)

World of Warcraft – Honestly, I’ve been busy with school and Real life that I pass out putting my son to bed. I missed my guild’s 25 man raid this week, because my husband couldn’t wake me up after I passed out for the night. So I haven’t really gotten to play WoW all that much. Basically, enough time to do Headless Horseman on my priest and Shaman. No mount drops yet.  The last two days, I have been keeping my eye awake. So I’ve been healing Zandalari Heroics on my shaman. It’s definitely different compared to my priest, but it is fun. My shaman is all done with Justice Points, and now onto Valor…

Mists of Pandaria – My husband has been keeping me up-to-date on the new expansion that was mentioned at BlizzCon. Am I excited for the new expansion? Duh, of course I am! I’m mostly excited for the new land for me to explore. On a turtle’s back? I’ve always enjoyed the look of Asian Architecture, so I’m excited about that. I spent most of my childhood in Japan, so that might have something to do with it. Pandas! I love KungFu Panda. Yes, Pandas were in the previous games. I enjoyed playing a Pandaren Brewmaster in Warcraft III. Am I excited to play a panda? Yes, I’m excited about it. They should have had pandas in the beginning of World of Warcraft. Is it a good time to introduce the Pandaren race? No. I don’t think so. It’s a little weird, which is why I’m not too thrilled about the new expansion. My husband and I signed up for the Annual Pass. I want to see a female pandaren already! Why are the female models always the last one to be done?!

I also want this to be the male pandaren dance!



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One Comment on "End of October…"

  1. Amerrence October 29, 2011 at 4:45 PM - Reply

    Heya, I am glad you are doing well with School and also taking care of your family. I admire you for doing that and just put WoW in your least priority. WoW will always be there I don’t think they will be gone yet. Just thought to say Good Luck with your school exams! and Happy Birthday to your hubby! I bet your gift will be appreciated and it is very useful for him. Take care! =)

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