Down with the Sickness!

Hello Everyone,

Seriously? It’s just been one thing after another with me since I last posted! I did my first Firelands 25 man Raid on Tuesday the 6th. I was very proud of myself that night, because I didn’t die as much as I thought I would. I had a test in General Biology for 5 chapters on Wednesday the 7th. I got a 90 on that test! Woot! There were only 3 A’s in my class, and I was one of them! :) Thursday the 8th was just a normal day. I was bored so I decided to play my hunter, and camp some rare spawns to tame. My husband and I basically tamed 7 rare spawns in a 24 hour period. I pretty much have been camping Rare spawns ever since. I just got done taming Ankha on my husband’s hunter only to find out that it’s Magria he wants. Thurday, my husband’s immune system decided to let him get sick. Friday Night though was scary.

My son had fallen down, and hit his head on the tiled Patio Floor. Biggest Goose Egg I’ve ever seen! It was especially scary; because he wanted to go to sleep, but I wouldn’t let him. After calling my son’s pediatrician, we ended up taking him to a Mini-ER to see what they suggested. By the time he saw the doctor, he was laughing & playing! So they suggested I just watch for any neurological signs. So far, my son has been great.

Sunday Night, my son woke up with a congested cough. Monday, my husband got a fever. Monday Night, my son got a fever. Tuesday the 13th is when I had a math test, and I got sick. I’m still sick, but at least I got a 98% on that Math test :) I haven’t had a fever yet though. I’m starting to feel a little bit better. I still have my cough and feeling a little congested, but not as bad. Yesterday (Friday the 17th), I took my son to see his Pediatrician about his bump that he got from hitting out Patio Floor. It’s looking great, and is basically nothing. She did mention that he had an ear infection, which is probably why he had a fever and congestion. So she prescribed Amoxicillin, which he has to take 3/4 of a teaspoon twice a day. I then have to take him back to his doctor in about 10 days. I’m hoping to get all better by Monday, but who knows. That’s all I’m going to write for now.



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