Death of ‘The King of Pop’

Hello Everyone,
   Now I know I don’t update this blog that often but I feel like writing one today. Mainly because last night, Michael Jackson died…Usually I don’t the big deal in people dying, I guess it is because I know that we don’t all live forever. I know that there’s always a time in our lives where we have to leave this world…but Last night, it really affected me. I mean when I heard Michael Jackson, one of the best artists in the past 40 years, I was like ‘No way! You’ve got to be kidding me!” and my heart dropped. I’m not saying I’m a big fan because I only know his songs from the 80s and that’s it. I didn’t keep track of his tabloids and all that junk. So I’m not saying I’m a BIG fan but it still affected me because I remember listening to MJ’s songs ALL day. I remember dancing to them and how everytime I had a bad day at High School because classmates would tease me, those songs cheered me up. 

   I guess it’s also because he was one of the the first celebrities that I really grew up with. To hear him die last night, seemed like my childhood died with him…I know that’s not true but that’s what it felt like. Anyways, that’s all I would like to say on this blog for now…




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