DDo Runes of Magic, Wizards!

Hello Everyone!

So Thursday night, my guild got Ragnaros in 25 man down. Yay! I was very happy, and it was mostly Agility gear that dropped. It must have been the 1,000 gold my guild leader promised to the raid if we were to down Ragnaros. I’m glad I got to experience downing Ragnaros, and gotten 1,000 gold out of it. I might just be sneaky and sneak the 1,000 gold back into the guild bank *sneaky eyes*

On another note, I’ve been thinking about taking a break from WoW. No, I’m not quitting. I am thinking about only playing on Raid days, because my life has been really stressful to me lately. I have a couple of tests next week, Thanksgiving is coming up, getting enrolled into my classes for Spring Term, and possibly getting my son into preschool. I also would like to spend a lot more time with my son, in case I do get him enrolled. World of Warcraft also has not been the same for me in the last couple of weeks. I log on and it’s like I’m instantly transformed into this witch. I don’t know why….possibly, getting burned out.

Meet my Wizard, Shawna Lifebloom!

So I’ve been looking at Free MMOs to play while I’m on a small break from WoW. I don’t think anything can or will replace World of Warcraft as far as games go. I still think the free games that I’ve been playing here recently are actually really good.

1) Wizards 101 Ok, so it’s a game that’s designed for kids…I get it. I originally installed this for my 3 year old son. While he’s playing, I’m looking over his shoulder (mainly because he sits on my lap). He was cracking up at this game, and I was enjoying it too. I eventually made my own account, and it really is a cute fun game. The downside? The battles are turn style. I don’t mind Turn style, but I don’t like boring Turn styles. I like them fun and quick, like in Kingdom Hearts & Pokemon. Also, yes, it IS free to play…to a certain point. I have a level 9 wizard, and I’ve done all the quests, and explored as far as I can go. Now the only way to level up is to fight mobs. I have yet to see if I leveling my character to level 10 will open up new quests for me. I’m hoping leveling to level 10 will open up new quests. So far at level 9, there’s only a certain amount of spells you can cast. The spells are randomly picked in your spell deck. Not really all that great when you really need to cast a heal on yourself in the middle of battle. You regain mana/health by capturing wisps or playing the mini-game they have.

My Cleric, Miaca Sohma

2) Dungeons & DragonsAlso known as DDO! I was really hesitated to try this game out, because it seems really complicated. I love how the play style reminds me of Dark Alliance. I remember playing Dark Alliance for hours with my husband on the Xbox. Dungeons and Dragons is definitely different, but it’s some thing I can tolerate. I don’t like that I can’t click on Nameplates. This is the first time that I have ever played a DDO game, and it seems like everything is complicated. I don’t like that there’s no mana regeneration, so I have to use a Rest Shrine every time. Overall though, this game is pretty neat for a free MMO. I love the look of my cleric, and the use of surnames in the game. Of course, my husband and I have the same surname in-game :P

3) Runes of Magic Highly recommended by a few friends, (and this video) and I must say that this game reminds me TOO much of WoW. The spell graphics is awesome. The interface is just like WoW. What I don’t like about it…Spending points to upgrade my spells? Yes, I do that in WoW. In WoW though, we use talent points and it’s 1-3 per talent. In Runes of Magic, I had to spend 186 “training points” to upgrade my heal when I leveled. What? Why the odd random number? Instead of holy damage, my priest is using water? That’s interesting. I love how you can customize your character’s breast and chest size. *sarcasm*

Free MMOs in General – You get what you paid for. Free MMOs in general can be fun to play, and I’ve played a few. Before I played World of Warcraft, I was playing Runescape. Are they perfect? No. There’s always flaws in every game that you play. For me, World of Warcraft is a really hard game to “replace”. I’m not a picky person either when it comes to playing a game (even though it sounds like it). So far, I’m still debating about playing other games such as Allods and League of Legends. I really want to try to get my husband into a Nexxon game, but he says they seem too “cartoon-ish”. We’ll see which game we end up playing…



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