Dailies, not Raiding Rant?

Hello All,
I didn’t do anything at all on WoW. At least nothing really worth all that exciting. I did one random heroic on my druid just to get her idol. Cost me 30 frost emblems (HAHA I said it right! keep it up!). After that, I did some house cleaning and surf the Cafemom Forums. By the time it was time for the ToC 25 raid, there was hardly anyone on until 30 minutes after it was suppose to start including my GM. I love my GM. She’s great. It just doesn’t show any kind of leadership if she’s the one that says “BE HERE BY 7:00PM! PULLING AT 7:30PM!”…then shows up late? I understand real life stuff happens, but I have a son that I make sure he is in bed by 8:30 (7:30 server). I plan my days out so I do not have to be late to the raid I plan on going to. Then she gets annoyed if ‘her core people’ are not in the raid. On top of that, we’ve been having problems with a particular mage leaving raids as soon as we wipe. From what we’ve been told is that mage has school to attend to. I understand people have school and classes to go attend. What gets me and other people is this mage attends a raid that he knows goes from 7:30pm – 11:30pm server and leaves at 8:30 server? He just says “He has to go”…doesn’t say “I have to go because of my schooling”. He is ALWAYS the first one to leave a raid and there’s never a set time other than when we start to wipe. Not to mention he is a loot whore. He was the only one who rolled against me on a trinket from Lord Marrowgar. “Yay! I’m an arcane mage with mana issues!” Yea, spellpower but I think as a mage…I would keep my crit & haste one. There were other incidents but that’s one he did against my healing priest.

So anyways, My hubby and I didn’t raid Trial of the Champion 25 last night. We did the prequests for the Oracle Dailies so we could get our Green Proto Drake Mounts. I really was bored after that and I wanted someone to drop the ToC raid so I could join my guildies…Glad I didn’t go. I kept getting tells saying how horrible it was and how my GM tells people to get on their geared mains while everyone else is on a gimp alt. Guess who was the first one to leave? Yea…that same mage. If that doesn’t give my GM a hint, I don’t know what will. I’m SO not going to the ICC 25 man on Friday. I don’t mind going to a wipefest, but if you’re going to bring only 10 geared people to the raid…it’s a massacre. I don’t want to waste my time with that especially since I have not farmed in FOREVER. I noticed our Alt guild bank (Go Farm Yourself) is slowly and slowly decreasing. I need to farm Fish Feasts, Priest Scrolls, Pally & Druid Drums, Mana, Attack Power, & Spellpower Flasks. I just need to FARM. haha. So I have no screenshots for you guys :( Sorry! I only did the one random heroic.

OH! As for real life, I got a new phone! well technically it’s new to me. My mommy sent me one of her phones for me to have and I LOVE IT! Thanks Mommy :D (yes I said mommy) Perhaps I’ll use this new fancy shmancy phone to keep track of my raid schedule. Logging in and out of one toon to be sure on the WoW Calendar that I have a raid or not on an hourly basis is annoying. Calendar please? Oh sweet it does have a calendar :D I asked my husband if he were to write a blog post about something, what would it be? He simply said a Multi-class guide on how to play your class and to fulfill your role as a DPS, Tank, or Healer. Sounds pretty interesting to me but I’m not smart enough to talk about ALL the classes & their roles (especially rogues). For the record, I dislike rogues. I can’t stand them. I try to show them some love but they just irritate me too much with their Cheap shot & Kidney shot trend. STOP STUNNING ME and fight me like a real player. At least Fear from warlocks can be avoided through Tremor Totem & getting out of the warlock’s line of sight. BAH! I guess it would help if I wasn’t on such a squishy toon. Oh wait…3 out of 4 of my 80’s are squishy T_T.

Well, I’m going to eat some food and do some cleaning so I can raid later on tonight…wait…Do I raid tonight? *Goes to check phone*



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