Michael is off from his classes till the 5th of January. YAY! He’ll be taking a Human Communications Class when he goes back to school. Logan is starting to learn how to stand on his feet. He’s also gaining weight and getting bigger everyday. Seems like he’s learning new stuff everyday. I recently got better from having what seems to be the flu. I still have trouble getting up from either sitting and standing…I get a headache at the base of my skull everytime I do. I think it’s just rush of blood from my brain and it’ll get better in a little while.

The Laptop seems to be acting really goofy right now. Keeps saying our Antivirus isnt working when we only had it for two days. For a while, we couldnt sign onto AOL but we could get online through Internet Explorer. I cant log onto any of the websites (ie. Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo! Mail) Same with Michael’s mom when she wants to log onto to check her bank statement. So we are in the process of trying to get that fixed. If we cant get it fixed, we’re probably looking at a new computer/Laptop. Michael computer was acting goofy but now everything seems to be going well. YAY!

Talked to my brother last night. He said he might come visit along with his friend, Chris somewhere in January. Dont know how long they will stay but they think it’ll be a week. I wish it would be longer but a week sounds fine. Better than nothing at all. My brother also said that they’re planning on not doing anything but relax and hang out. I really hope so since doing anything with a kid is like Moving. It’s not just that but we also dont have money. We’ll see though. I’ll be happy just seeing my brother and hugging him :)

That’s basically it on what’s going on now. January 3rd will be my and Michael’s 1st year Anniversary of Marriage. We’re definitely planning on going out to a restaurant. Just dont know whether it’ll be a place where they sell Steak and Lobster OR A Place where they sell sushi. Michael has NEVER had sushi. So I kind of want to go to an Japanese Place…Rice and Sushi sounds SOOOOO good when you are used to eating Rice every day and then stop for like over a year. I think both of us would be comfortable and actually enjoy our dinner if it was Steak and Lobster. What if Michael doesnt like his food or sushi at the Japanese Place? Anyways, we’re planning on checking ot his one place nearby to see what they serve. I think it’ll be good.

Well I got to go. Logan is fussing. Call me on th house phone if you want.



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One Comment on "Currently…"

  1. NK December 22, 2008 at 1:57 PM - Reply

    Well, it looks like his vacation will be relaxing. In the base? the front or back? Shhessh..I should go into the medical field…

    There is no other cheaper way because AOL is like a virus and its a bitch to get out of your computer. MY brother always tell me to come and visit so I can visit you also but I don’t have the money T-T

    You should have him eat some filipino food!

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