Coraline: 3D

   I havent wrote an update to my blog in such a long time that I figured I’d write in it. Since I just got done watching Coraline in 3D, I’m going to write a little amateur piece to criticize it. So here we go…I guess.

   I recently rented Coraline 3D from my local Blockbuster but I didn’t see a sign that implied that Coraline was available in 3D. When I got home, I was looking at the DVD case and found out that the DvD contained the 2D and 3D version of Coraline. Since I was not told or offered any 3D glasses, I used one of our ‘My Bloody Valentine’ 3D glasses (Magenta/Green). I was really excited to see how the effects were in 3D.  I was also curious if it would be better than ‘My Bloody Valentine’. I definitely liked the song that played during the main menu animation in Coraline: 3D.

   I was really impressed on how the 3D effects were. I basically love how the colors from your 3D glasses blended into the movie. Unlike other Home 3D experience I’ve encountered, It always bugged me how the colors like red/green would be seen into the movie. Instead of seeing white during a scene, it would be pink. I also liked how there was rarely any rapid movement during the 3D effects, like a yo-yo being shot at you real quick. All the effects were really slow so you got to see actual 3D instead of wondering..”Was that 3D or did I blink?”
   There was also some very very trippy scenes that I would not want to see if I were euphoric in any way. Overall, I think it was a very good movie. What also amazed me about this movie is how it is stop-motion in 3D. 



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