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Hello All :D
I ran some heroics last night on my druid as usual with my husband’s paladin. I was so tired though I couldn’t really focus on healing and playing my class. It was hard but I got through the instances with little or no deaths. I actually left a Random Group for heroic Halls of Lightning after Ionar was dead, which I rarely do. I don’t like screwing people over (mainly DPS) and have them wait another 10-20 minutes, teleport in, then another person leaves, the cycle repeats. The reason why I left is because I don’t mind carrying a DPS person through a heroic so long as they ‘try’ to DPS. If they just stand there expecting others to do the work, I’ll call them out and say that I vote to kick them out. I know it sounds so horrible but I’m very tolerable for the ‘DPS’ people can do in a heroic. My hubby usually wants DPS to be over 1500 in a heroic while I say 1k (1,000) DPS. Of course, this depends on their gear (Like a warrior using a staff. I didn’t know Warrior could use staffs!).

Last night, I had a mage with a gearscore over 5200 and I was doing more damage than him from meleeing as a tree. He was literally doing NOTHING. At first I thought he was AFK, but after we started clearing to the 2nd boss after the Elementals that explode; we started pulling more than one group where his Blizzard would REALLY help. When I asked why he wasn’t doing anything at all, he just said “Hi”. Wow…you’ve got to be kidding me, but ok. During the 2nd boss, the mage just stood in the corner doing nothing till our Rogue died and I was dying from adds being on me. I refused to heal the mage at this point because he was worthless anyways. After our Shadow Priest was out of mana, that’s when he started DPSing. That’s when I started assuming that the mage was a duel-box toon because he was in the guild as our Deathknight tank. After dying to adds in the hallway after the 2nd boss and doing Ionar without the mage again. I decided to leave…Forget that group! If I had gotten an explanation of some kind rather than a “Hi” from the mage, I probably would’ve stayed. If the deathknight said “Oh, it’s my (or friend’s) toon and I’m running them through heroics. It would’ve been fine, I guess. Blah…

Last night on my Druid, I got my Perky Pug from completing ‘Looking for Multitudes‘ achievement. Now all my level 80 toons have this pet. YAY! It’s just so darn cute and I absolutely love it. Something that I didn’t know and it really helps to know is you have to use the LFG tool (a.k.a LookingForDungeon Tool) and complete instances with puggies. If you group with a friend or guildie then queue up, your friend or guildie don’t count towards that achievement. I didn’t know this until I grouped with my husband and I had an odd number on my screen from tracking the achievement. Lame…OMG my screenshot!. On another note, remember how I said I needed approximately 200 triumph emblems for all the pieces of gear I want from the vendors? Well, I’m currently at 107 triumphs. I’m hoping (really really hoping) I get all my badges today so I can raid with my guild. After doing some heroics, my husband asks if I wanted to do 3 Drake Zerg of Obsidan Sanctum, Of course I said yes! Thinking I would heal it on my shaman, I ended up taking my friend’s spot so I could go. After everyone was summoned, we zone in to find out that ‘someone’ (people in raid assume it was the raid leader) was locked. Now, I know that there’s a warning that pops up saying “instance is in progress. Would you like to Continue?”. This same warning also shows how many bosses are left alive. Well, I thought it said 0/4 bosses killed, so I clicked yes not thinking. My husband does the same thing with his warning. People in Raid (including my husband and I) got locked and started clearing trash. When we didn’t see Sartharionat his usual spot in the middle of the raid, we started looking around and didn’t see the dragons. “Ummm, Where did he go?” and that’s when we knew that someone was locked. Lame…again…but whatever. People! Use /raidinfo upon joining a raid. So you do not lock other people OR waste people’s time because ‘you just found out you were locked’ after the raid is filled up.

*click for a larger image*

Shortly after getting locked to that raid, it was about time to do attempts on Festergut in 10 man Icecrown Citadel. After we started doing our first attempt (maybe it was the 2nd? don’t really remember) for the night on Festergut, we realized that we got him down to 150K HP. We ended up wasting a bloodlust from that attempt because we had about 30 seconds left from Sated when we used it on Stinky. So after that attempt(s), we got him down with about 45 seconds to spare from his enrage timer! WOOT! Cloth Shoulders & Plate Gloves dropped. So we cleared to RotFace and I’m really suprised at how well we did on trying to get him down. We had a druid tanking the Oozes while a Warrior tanked the boss. Really hard to heal on this fight and trying to avoid his Slime spray. Seems like he’s constantly spraying that stuff. Fun fight though. I’m not actually sure when we are going to do more attempts on RotFace. Hoping it’s Monday rather than tonight because I want to focus on my druid. I’m like 500 rep away from being honored with the Ashen Verdict and getting a new ring on my shaman.

Hubby and I holding hands :P
After calling the raid because Trash respawned after about 2 hours, we decided to do 10 man Trial of the Crusader Alt run. I was able to bring my druid (gimpest in raid) with a gearscore of around 4k. My husband at first brought his warrior to tank but one of our healers wasn’t putting out the heals that were needed, so he ended up bringing his Shaman. We did wipe a couple of times but what do you expect from an Alt run? :P Especially with a gimp druid healer? haha. I actually won a trinket YAY! I replaced one of my blue trinkets with it and now I’m over 4100 gearscore. Only 500 more to go! We cleared the instance after about 2 hours or so. Husband won a couple of DPS pieces. Well…I know one of the pieces he won was a ring that he ended up giving to an elemental Shaman guildy who had a Spirit ring. I don’t remember the other piece he won. I didn’t do anything after clearing that run. I wanted to do more heroics but I was too tired.

Today, I’m going to try to run heroics. If there’s a raid tonight, I’m going to say No to it. I want to get my druid the gear she needs by Tuesday. I also need to clean our bedroom because it’s a cyclone (thx son). Other than that, no real plans today. Hopefully, I’ll get all my emblems tonight and I’ll be able to bring her to the raid tonight (if there is one)….oh, I just remember that my husband and I are planning on doing Zul’Gruub for the Tiger & Raptor mounts. I love that raid instance. It was one of my favorite instances to raid in back in WoW Classic and the first (and probably last) instance that I actually led a raid in. Guildies thought it would be ‘cute’ and ‘funny’ to hear my squeaky voice in ventrilo lead a raid. I didn’t really do too well on remembering the fights for each class. I was only a priest healer back then. Well that’s about it. As usual, I’m going to eat some breakfast. YUM YUM YUM Delicioso! (Dora the Explorer is on the television. Blame the Backpack!)



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