Cam & Dress

Hey everyone, 
   Nothing really happened today.  I woke up and after being up for an hour, I called my Mom to see how she was doing. It was her Day Off and She’s been asking about seeing Logan through a webcam. So I got to see her and her dog through Michael’s webcam. My mom also got to see Logan. She said Logan was too cute :P Anyways, Michael and I were in the process of washing the hallway cabinets but then I got distracted by four boxes filled with old Photographs. Photographs from the 1950’s to 2000’s. I love looking at old photographs of people I know. If I had the time, I would totally make a scrapbook out of all of them. Maybe one of these days, I will. After I looked through all of the photographs, Michael and I washed the hallway cabinets.

After my mom-in-law came home from back-to-school shopping for my nephew,  She and I went back out to go shopping for some outfits that we could wear for Mr. Frazier. Mister Frazier is the preacher of a church that will be visiting us for a little bit. I’m excited and curious how the visit will turn out tomorrow. Anyways, I ended up getting a cute brown dress (I’ll try to remember to post Pictures tomorrow.) It’s SO hard to find outfits for my mom-in-law. She’s overweight and short. She doesn’t seem overweight to me but I guess she is. I cannot for the life of me think of an outfit that would suit her other than Shorts and a T-shirt. She’s adorable and I love her and I can see her in some outfits but it’s either too long (Shorts are like pedal-pushers to her) or they dont have her size, OR they don’t have the ONE piece that makes the outfit look good on her. BLEH! I had fun though. She’s so silly making fun of herself.

   I’m going to play some Monopoly with Michael, then straighten my hair, and then heading to bed because I got to get up early tomorrow. I’m SO excited to see what happens tomorrow :D Good Night.



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