Busy x 3

Hello All!
I’ve been so tired between raising my son and being a guild leader. It’s been frustrating me but I’ve been able to calm myself down by farming Saronite Ore to prospect gems with. My druid is over 5600 GS and since they’ve nerfed ICC, we’ve been one-shotting everything up to Putricide in 10 mans. We haven’t really tried Putricide but we did do attempts on Dreamwalker and Blood Princes. We didn’t down any of them. I’ve been running a 2nd ICC group that runs on Sundays to help some of our guildies get frost badges & gear. My GOOD old friends came back to playing WoW and we (Hubby and I) have been spending as much time with them as possible. Super excited to raid with them this Friday ^_^. 25 man ICC tonight and I’m super excited to see how it goes…although I have a feeling people won’t show up tomorrow to progress. We’ll see though.


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