Break Time?

Hello All!
I didn’t get to sign onto WoW at all yesterday. I was busy making my lazy enchiladas to feed 10 people! I ended up making 26 enchiladas by using 4 Rotisseire Chickens. I was sick of chicken by the end of the day haha! I ended up having a blister on my Fingers from holding and chopping the chicken with my knife. It was good though :D We had my husband’s cousin come over and spend the day with us. Very nice guy ^_^ hope to see him again before he leaves to California on Saturday. We all went to my sister-in-law’s place where we had my enchiladas for dinner, and we got home around 8pm. By the time we were done with the night, it was 11pm. My son fell asleep on the way home, put him in his crib, and woke up around that time when everyone left. I didn’t actually get good sleep last night. I got out of bed around 9:30pm but I’m so exhausted…I just want to sleep all day haha! I ran a random heroic today but I just don’t feel like playing today. There’s no raid schedule going on today so I guess having a break today won’t hurt. Although…The Lunar Festival started yesterday…I really hate the achievements during this holiday. I did it on my priest and now I have to do them on my shaman! [insert curse word here]!!!

As much as I really want the violet protodrake on one of my toons, I hate doing achievements. Well, no worries. We have ICC 25 tomorrow night. I got to talk to one of the rogues going to the ICC 25 to see if he minds me rolling on Feral Gear. I am a feral tank BUT in ICC 25, I am a healer. I’m not rolling on healing gear because my main spec is a feral tank. We have a good set of tanks that want to go to ICC 25, so I’m healing since we do NOT have a set number of healers that are willing to go to ICC 25. I don’t know what’s going to happen when we do find those healers willing to go. What will happen to me? Possibly sit on the side lines till we have enough people to heal another ICC 25? In which case, I would most likely try to better myself to lead a raid. The rest of the ‘Tribunal’ officers are too busy and care too much on progression to lead a second ICC 25 even with alternative characters. We all know that we would choose an already set ICC 25 progression group than starting over with random people to raid ICC 25. It would almost seem like it was a pug. Ugh…Whatever. I can’t think about it now. I do know eventually I’ll have to think about it. Hmmm, I think I’m getting sick again T_T



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