BoA Geared in ICC 25

Hello All!
I know I was supposed to write a blog post about my little investigation about ‘Group Bonus’ Experience while leveling up. Some people think that having an level 80 rushing you, you get less experience with less people. People have been telling me that Blizzard changed it so Maxed Level Characters make rushing low level toons a bit of a grind. Is this true? Possibly….
Anyways, I’ll write about that on another day. I figured I’d write about my awesome experience in ICC25. I’ll get to that in a minute. I hit level 80 on my priest yesterday along side with my best friend’s shaman. We both hit level 80 at the same time at the end of a Warsong Gulch battleground. As soon as I hit level 80, I turned in my Wintergrasp quests that I’ve been saving since level 78. Why? To gain about 2k more honor for each quest. I got enough honor to buy my 3rd piece of Wrathful. Now, it was time for me to run some random heroics. I really don’t want to do PvE, but Blizzard made it so getting PvP gear is faster via PvE. At least on my server, with queue times being 15-30 minutes and me being a healer in heroics means faster queue times for me. I really really hate PvE now. As soon as I got into my first heroic which was Gun’Drak, we wiped on the 2nd pull of trash, and the tank and a DPS left after that. Then we get replacements who are 5500 GS and above, and rolls on stuff that I actually need. So I did as much Heroics as I possibly could stand which I believe ended up being like three runs. After running my three heroics, I decided to hit up some Eye of the Storm battlegrounds since it is the ‘Calls of Arms’ for the weekend. I’m surprised how long I am able to survive as a clothie against people in Relentless & Wrathful Gear. Don’t get me wrong, I still die A LOT. I think I survived a lot longer than my druid pvp healing.
So this is the point where I decide to just sit in Dalaran and read trade chat. I see an old friend of mine (who was one of my good friends back in Burning Crusade) spamming trade chat about his ICC 25 gDKP run. I’ve only been to one other gDKP run of his in Trial of the Crusader. I didn’t get anything that I recall in that raid but I did leave with about 400g in my pocket. I’ve never been to an ICC 25 gDKP run of his so I asked him some questions in case I wanted to go on any of my toons. I only had about 9K gold, and I only wanted to spend no more than 4k in that run. I ended going to my 2nd gDKP run with him. Big deal, right? It was to me. It was the most progression I’ve seen in ICC 25 on ANY of my toons, especially on my 5800 GS druid. Which toon did I run it on? My newest addition to my collection of level 80’s. My 3.4K gearscore, PvP PvP epics, BoA Shoulders, & BoA Chest pieces priest.
I kept asking my friend throughout the whole raid if I was fine. I didn’t want to cause too much trouble with the raid. Apparently, I was doing ‘great’. haha. I got lots of tells and jokes towards me. All I could really do was heal random DPS, buff this Warlock with my Power Infusion, and give a little bit of mana using my Hymn of Hope. I know some of the healers were doing their best in keeping me alive. I’m surprised how much I lived through boss fights so GOOD JOB HEALERS! :P We cleared up to Lady Dreamwalker and I didn’t buy anything. I tried to, but everyone was spending and out bidding me at least 3-4k on average on one item. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to spend 4k max total throughout the whole run. If I was going to spend THAT much, it would be for the staff off of Blood Queen. My husband finally got his Blood from Rotface & Festergut! He was very happy considering that he thought he would NEVER get it because he’s always tanking ICC. I made almost 5k gold during that gDKP run. So I was a very happy camper. Shoot, I would’ve been happy if I didn’t make any gold. Just knowing I was in an ICC 25 raid and clearing up to Lady Dreamwalker in a raid that didn’t yell at my gear. It was awesome.
I’m really glad I went to that raid. Made me remember the good old days of WoW where everyone just did their job and got along no matter what the gear. I’m hoping to go again next week in hopes of getting gear and maybe some Frost Badges to go towards my PvP set. I’m going to end this blog post with a HUGE thank you to my raid buddies:

Thanks for letting me tag along with my gimp priest.
You really made my day ^_^ I hope again to see you guys next week!
Next week, I won’t be as gimp…hopefully.


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