The Orcs Mounted Dragons wreaking havoc,
Our Wild Hammer brethren rode their gryphons
and knocked them from the skies.

– WorldMender

Dark Tendencies welcomes all of brothers and sisters from all of the alliance races
to join us on our quests and adventures.

For more information on The Dwarven Brotherhood, Click the banner or the link below:

“Blood of Heroes vXv, we keep our d*cks in our pants and out of our raids. Tired of joining a guild only to have them disband? We’ve been raiding non-stop for almost *5* years. Come to a guild you can call home. We’re recruiting to fill out our 25 man raid group for Cataclysm. Raid times are Tues-Wed 8 -11 server. We’re always looking for exceptionally cool players, so even if we’re full on a class, fill out an application anyway. We may not be able to get you a raid spot right away but at least you’ll get to hang around with decent people while racking up some EP.”

Currently, I made a home in a guild called Blood of Heroes vXv
and don’t have any plans on leaving it on Archimonde
If you wish to see the Blood of Heroes vXv forums, click the link or banner below.

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