Bad PvE Luck

Hello All!

So I didn’t do much yesterday. Apparently I’m my guild’s HR (human horde resource) person, who handles interviews for recruits to join the guild as well as scheduling raids. I even have an ‘HR’ in front of my name in vent. Because of that, I did my random heroic for the day, then interviewed recruits till my OS 3 drake zerg started later on that night. It was actually a pretty bad day as far as PvE goes. We wiped multiple times in OS, mostly when the boss was less than 5% health. Don’t really know what went wrong, but what worked was having a DK taunt an add and running for the door. We all still died but at least we got him down. A new recruit ended up getting the black drake mount. I’m hoping next week will be better (as usual).

Then after we did my OS zerg, my guild ran off to do the weekly (Razorscale) as I willingly sat out. I was planning on interviewing some more people but they ended up pugging ICC so I couldn’t interview them in vent. I prefer having vent meetings rather than party chat/tells because there can be SO much miscommunication in text. I try to make my whispers to be short, sweet, and to the point…but it’s hard without clarifying some things to be sure I’m not being misunderstood. Anyways, so I didn’t interview people while my guild did the weekly. We, then went to form our first ICC 10 raid with the new guild. It was a little wacked because we had tanks and healers…but not the right DPS. I ended up going on my shaman as elemental (which is 4600 GS…sucky!) and my husband on his mage. We killed Marrowgar but wiped a couple of times on Deathwhisper. We then had to call it due to a tank having connection issues (darn crazy routers). Planning on finishing it up tonight but I don’t know if I’ll go because I would rather running faster queue times for DPS in heroics to get gear.

Well after the raid, I ended up healing two heroics for a mage & my hubby. We got a couple of weird ret pallys in our groups. One was in Heroic Utgarde Keep with a gearscore of 5300 (I think? it was definitely over 5k) only doing about 2K DPS. I thought that was weird especially since most mobs in there are for AoE. I think the ret pally in Heroic Old Kingdom was probably the worst. The ret paladin was doing fine on DPS but when it came to pulling, he pulled. He also ended up pulling an add when we were doing the mushroom boss. We wiped because we’re not exactly ‘geared’. Then the paladin had the nerve to say that it wasn’t his fault. Needless to say, we ended up vote kicking him. Makes me sad too because the tank was willing to kill all the bosses. After that wipe, we just wanted to get out of there. */sadface* Oh well, I then surfed the net before heading for bed. We got a guild website powered by GuildOmatic. I also have admin rights WOOT!. I haven’t done nor had any kind of power in a raiding guild since Classic. It feels good to have this HR position though, I’m just hoping I can keep up with the responsibilities that come with it. I’m also hoping it doesn’t hurt my raid progression because I’m the type of person who is willing to sit out to run heroics with other people. *crosses fingers*



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