Bad day..

Hey Everyone,
   So far the day is not good. I woke up to find out that my laptop is acting messed up again. Same stuff that happened last time except this time I can actually Run LiveUpdate on my Norton Internet Security 2009. When I run the Full Scan though, it says the scan is finish after scanning 6,000 files. I also cant access my Local Disk Drive (C:/) going through ‘My Computer’. I actually have to access it by putting C:/ in the address bar or on the dropdown list. So I’m going to have to format my hard drive AND reinstall everything including WoW. I dont have to do it right at this minute but I will have to get it done before my laptop completely stops working.

Also! No day trips for Logan so far! It’s 12:30pm and no day trips for him yet. My hubby woke up late after NUMEROUS times of trying to wake him up. SO I’m pissed. I still have to straighten my hair and brush my teeth and Logan’s teeth AND Logan will be taking a nap here shortly which means we will probably just do the party and then the day is done. FRIKKIN A!! so I’m pissed because it actually stops raining and it’s a nice day out. But nooooo frikkin day trips. Good freaking Game. UGH. Dont say I’m overreacting either…it has been raining since Wednesday…I’m pissed. UGH!.

I’m gonna end my post with that because I’m furious now and I dont really want to add anything else.



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