Backing Up, Just in Case…

Hello All,
So I know I haven’t been updating this as much as I should, but I’ve been having so much fun with my Blood of Heroes vXv guildies and Life :) So my domain, is going to expire in December. I still haven’t decided on whether or not I will renew this domain. I’m hoping and planning to, but it really depends on my financial status at that time. I plan on renewing it, simply because I love my hosting and photo albums, BUT there’s other free alternatives that I can learn to live with. For example, Sitesled has been around since I was in Middle School (over 7 years) and they are still active, despite the lack of community posts on their forums. I will use their hosting for my images and files that I used for this Blog. There’s also Photobucket for my photo albums which now has unlimited photo storage. I really don’t like the maximum photo size of 1MB though, but it will do for now.
So I’m backing up my files/photos on their servers, just in case I don’t reactivate my domain from GoDaddy. I’m backing them up now while I have the time to do it, because who knows when I’ll have time once my classes start. I’ve grown to love this domain so there’s still hope that I will renew it.


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