Back to PvPing!

Hello All,
I’m currently off of school, but I plan on spending my time off doing stuff that needs to be done. That includes working on my PvP set on my priest! :D I decided to go back to PvP because I am really starting to hate pugs. Actually I’m really starting to had PvE all together. Now the problem now is…what spec? I see on WoW Popular that the common specs are Discipline and Shadow. I will admit I last pretty darn long as Discipline with hardly any PvP gear, but I also last just as long as Holy! I love the healing output of healing. Of course, Discipline has more talents that are related to PvP. Hmm, Yea…I think I’ll go with Discipline. My goal is to reach 3k resilence on my priest by Saturday. That is the day when my guild decides to Rated Battlegrounds. I’m excited! So of course, that means PvP videos back again! Starting tomorrow :P Till then, enjoy this picture!

*click for larger picture*

Also, this is a video made by a guildie for my guild :D


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