Another Infamous Trend…

Hello All!!

click for larger imageYes, that IS his guild name and it IS his tabard. This mage is hilarious! :D He’s been my friend since Burning Crusade and I absolutely adore him :P Speaking of which…*waves to Skitzzo, Kendred, & Funktion*. These guys have been my friends since WoW Vanilla and I can’t seem to get rid of them XD. Anyways, it is patch day and I’m super excited! Well, I’m not really looking forward to reading patch notes…*goes to wake up hubby*. Yes, That’s his job and noooo, he didn’t wake up. I just ran heroics yesterday since I was locked to all the raids besides VoA & Naxx. I ran Heroic Forge of Souls in hopes of getting the armor penetration trinket. ZING! It did drop and I won it! My feral set is complete!…well, sort of. It’s complete from badges & Heroics. I guess I could get the polearm from Halls of Reflection…but I like my cool looking polearm from Heroic ToC. I’m currently at 47% armor penetration and I could replace my common & perfect armor penetration gems with epic ones…Ok, my feral set is ALMOST complete :P Point is, I’m done with badge gear for my feral & resto set. I could get tank gear but I like my kitty too much :P. I bought 8 crusader orbs yesterday with all the badges that I collected from my druid & alts. My husband and I also quit Go Farm Yourself so they could be put into our raiding guild:’Souls of Mischief’ rather than making Go Farm Yourself an actual raiding guild.

On another note, I had two interesting trends going on yesterday with my heroics. We all know the one common trend of a “Party Leave”, where players leave when they have realized either what instance they got for the random OR the group make up. This usually happens before the Debuff from using the LookingForDungeon tool is gone OR when they load into the instance. One of the trends I came across was the “Can’t Vote Kick Me!” fad, where a player would do some idiotic thing but make it so you could not just vote kick them. This is usually done by staying in combat. I ran heroic Old Kingdom and this 5800 gearscore warrior posts everyone’s gearscore in party chat. I died shortly after commenting on that…he pulled the first 7 mobs (not the spiders on the side but spell fingers) not tanking ANY of it. For about 5 minutes, everyone in party was trying to vote kick him. He finally died and we eventually got to vote kick him. Then we got replacement tank that just wanted to do the final boss rather than kill all the bosses, which is the second trend I see going on. I don’t know where people get the idea that it is more ‘efficient’ to just finish instances as quick as possible by avoiding certain bosses. You’re still losing badges no matter how you look at it. Tanks & Healers have fast queue times but DPS does not. They have to wait 10-20 minutes in order to get a group to get badges. Trash pulls…I understand avoiding them but Bosses that drop badges? Ok, so they have all their badge gear….um, get Gems & Crusader Orbs? Bah…here’s a riddle for you..

click for larger image
Meaning…How does Blizzard come up with their decision ‘ to decide if a player should obtain better gear or not. I got this warrior in Heroic Oculus and we were not exactly geared enough to carry a warrior in DPS & Tank GREENS!. Yes, ALL Greens! He ended up leaving the party but I thought it was interesting after reading Greedy Goblin’s post. It WAS possible for us to carry him…but I would rather carry someone who can do above 1200 DPS.

By the way, I’m still sick…and I want to go back to bed…



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One Comment on "Another Infamous Trend…"

  1. Sushicookie February 2, 2010 at 12:19 PM - Reply

    A lot of people only want to kill the last boss ands kip optionals cuz they're like me and they are running 7 80's through the daily random. lol.
    Grats on your trinket!

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