Another 80 Healer

Hello All!
Well, I did some random dungeons on my druid while my husband was on his hunter. After doing Regular Culling of Stratholme, I was about 4k experience away from turning 80. Since I wanted a screenshot of my druid hitting 80, I decided to kill the yetis outside of the Brunnhildar Village. Well I finally hit level 80 on my druid! :D SCREENSHOT!

After hitting level 80 on my druid, I did some heroics (got lots of achievements) with my husband and some guildies up till one of them (we’ll call him limbo) said “oh, it’s time to raid for ICC 25. We got to go”. HUH!? I told Limbo that I don’t remember having a raid invite on my shaman’s calendar. I logged onto my Shaman and sure enough, I didn’t have a raid invite. My husband checks his paladin and obviously he didn’t have one either. Usually, my son will be in bed by the time the raid starts. Since my husband and I didn’t think we were raiding, we let him stay up a bit (especially because he took a 2 hour nap around 4pm) . Well, I was not happy because I wanted to play my druid. Well after almost an hour of being in a raid with 10 people, Limbo logs out. YAY! Raid is cancelled. Of course I didn’t log onto my druid right away because Cooldowns for Titansteel on my shaman and Northrend Inscription Research for my Deathknight were coming up. So back to my druid now.

After doing cooldowns, I did more random heroics on my druid with my husband’s hunter. Crazy crazy pugs I got. One pally tank (BerryPowder) for heroic Nexus tried to ninja the Healing Mace that drops off the last boss. Lame. Especially because the same tank almost killed me with Whirlwind on the first boss, and my hubby ended up having to misdirect because he was pulling so slowly. When I questioned him about his actions, he just said “It’s a heroic, you can need on whatever you want.” I was then called a pansy. I don’t mind if he rolled on it if I didn’t actually need it but I had the dagger from the 3rd boss in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. I had one CRAZY pally tank (we’ll call him Meep) that had 50k HP with Priest Fortitude, Mark of the Wild, & Blessing of Sanctuary. My husband ended putting Aspect of the Pack up for the rest of the group because he was running through mobs and I couldn’t keep up. He actually died because of Ardent Defender was used and his health was going down again. He got pissed off at my husband for putting Pack on..Well my thought was “SLOW DOWN! I have mobs on me and you’re getting out of range. If you’re going to pull everything to make this a speed run, at least keep the mobs off me”…Crazy paladins, I’m glad my hubby put pack up for me so I could keep up with him. (and I thought my hubby was crazy when he was tanking).

That was pretty much it for instances. I found out that apparently Heroic Oculus (least I think it’s just heroic Oculus), you get a bag of gems while two extra triumph badges from the chest after killing the last boss T_T. I always thought it was to a random person and only one dropped like in Onyxia. I really need to start reading patch notes or at least part of them. I’ll need to talk to my husband about how we’re going to split it haha. I’m also thinking about switching raiding toons to my druid. I’ve experienced raid healing on a shaman & priest but never on a druid. Druid healing is addicting. The Battle Resses! The Innvervates! The Nourish! The sound effects! THE TREE FORM! (Especially since the druid class is fun to play anyways) My guild doesn’t have much druids (let alone Resto druids) and we only have a tank for Battle Resses for our ICC raids. Have to talk to a couple of raid leaders to see what they think. I also got my Tier 9 Shoulders and Gloves last night before bed. YAY! Only 100 more badges to go for the 4 piece set bonus. Planning on doing more heroics on my druid & 25 man Trial of the Crusader raid tonight. Ok Breakfast Time now! :P



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