An Epic Kick

Hello All!

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I’m going to make this the next couple of posts really short because I’m still sick. I actually had an interesting and hilarious time last night running heroics with some friends. I already ran ToC 25 with my guild where we got stuck on Faction Champs. I got my T9 gloves on my druid for her feral set. My hubby also crafted some new epic bracers for her feral set. I have no idea what else to get to upgrade her feral set because everything else is NOT worth spending my badges on. I’m planning on farming regular Forge of Souls for the DPS cloak that drops from there as well as regular Trial of the Champion for the trinket that drops. I really doubt I’ll even get it today because too many people want it. I’m still a little burnt out on healing BUT dpsing in heroics is really helping me deal with it. 5K crits while swiping in Cat form is ridiculous…AND COOL!

Soooo yea, I’m done with this post. I hate being sick…

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