Altoholic Day

Hello All!
Yesterday, I did Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle for the Random Daily with my husband’s rogue. My WoW crashed just before the event after the 2nd boss. After my husband telling the tank three times that “Heals crashed. No Heals”. Tank started the event and didn’t just pull the first AoE part; he got a hold of ALL of them. Of course, my laptop is slow as molasses so it took a while for WoW to start up again. After I finally loaded into the game, the tank and two DPS dropped after they died. We finally got replacements but one HAD to be one of those annoying Warlocks that life tap to get a little mana, pause for a while, I heal them to full thinking they are done, then they life tap to full mana. Frikkin’ Life tap to full mana so I don’t have to waste my time healing you, especially since the warlock was just spamming Seed of Corruption and pulling aggro T_T Of course, I was a little irritable yesterday…so whatever :P Tank was a squishy deathknight tank with 30K HP. I really dislike healing Deathknight Tanks. They are squishy compared to the other tank classes. I don’t care what other people think. Every Deathknight I’ve come across were squishy regardless of how geared they were :P. Tank still kept aggro so he was an awesome deathknight tank :D

So after dealing with that warlock, I decided to chill out and get my own warlock to 30. She was already 28 and I have this compulsive obsession for even numbers. The level 28 didn’t look right to me so I got her to 30 doing quests in HillsBrad which by the way, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the change of level 20 mounts. I also ran SM: Graveyard and Gnomers using the Dungeon Tool. After getting my warlock to 30, I decided to check how close my 49 warrior & 41 Tauren Shaman were to leveling…They were about 2 bars T_T. So I ran Blackrock Depths on my warrior & did a couple of quests on my shaman to get them both to level. Now I have a level 50 warrior & a level 42 shaman. WOOT! Hmm…maybe I should focus on leveling my lower toons to 80 since they made it SO much easier compared to back in classic. Thanks to the new Dungeon Finder (and rested XP), it’s not too bad to level. Of course, I would rather have my husband running me through instances so it’ll go by quicker. It’s still awesome to level another toon to get away from the level 80 lifestyle (HA! Lifestyle). I don’t have to deal with guildies asking me to run heroics or raids. Actually wait…yea I still do because all my toons are in ‘Go Farm Yourself’ so they can just /who Go Farm Yourself. Still, I can come up with the excuse of “Ok, after this one quest!” or “Ok ok! Just one more quest! So close to leveling!”

Of course I’m an altoholic. I have about 20-30 Horde & Alliance toons across 5 realms. Most of them are under level 20 but Archimonde has all my level 80 horde toons. After doing some leveling on my horde server, I decided to play on my some of my alliance alts. Not even 10 minutes of questing and I get asked by guildies to gank some alliance. Now, I’m HORRIBLE at PvP overall. I’m specialized in Healing and Running away in PvP. Hmmm, sounds like a druid :P So yea, I logged onto my druid and it seemed like a slow day because I hardly saw any alliance out (boo!). After flying around and around Wintergrasp, one of our raid leaders asked us to make an alliance toon on Thrall. Of course I said yes since I am an altoholic. I now have a level 4 Draenei Paladin on the Thrall Server :D Woot! If there was enough time in the world, I would want to level an alliance toon. It could just be easier to just faction change a horde character and not have to level…NAH! I want to level an alliance toon but it’s just faster with Horde since I know the quests :D

No real plans for WoW today. I’m about 3 days away (doing daily Random heroics) from making my ICC boots. Darn Primodial Saronite. I also have an ICC 10 raid planned today and Gamo wasn’t invited! haha! Woot! Now we don’t have to deal with him anymore in raids (hopefully). Also, can anyone suggest a good fantasy movie? I’m tired of watching Lord of the Rings (good movies though), but am in the mood for a fantasy movie marathon. I want to see combat with swords!(No…Star Wars don’t count). Willow doesn’t have as good of fight scenes as Lord of the Rings. It’s darn Server Maintenance today…I hate Tuesday. I’ll probably clean a bit today just to pass the time. */sighs*…I’ll go do that now.



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