Allods Online

Hello Everyone,

So as I said in a previous post, I am trying to take a break from WoW. I still want to play, but not every day. I’m limiting my playtime to only on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and sometimes on the weekends. I picked Tuesday and Wednesday because those are the nights my guild raids for the 25 man. The rest of the week is for 10 mans.

Real life has me driving up a wall. I’m going stir crazy with all this stress I’ve been having. I’m glad I can come to my blog and vent a bit before diving back into the stress pool. I also stated in a previous post that I have been looking for Free MMO’s, and I think I have found one. Or at least found one that will distract me long enough before I go looking for another…maybe.

my Gibberlings: Mia, Kayla, and Sephira

Allods Online It’s a free MMORPG and I honestly think of Germany when playing this game. It must be the Hitler mustaches that the males get…maybe. This game reminds me of WoW a lot. Instead of Alliance and Horde, you have the League and Empire. Empire being Horde, and the League being Alliance. There’s only a total of 3 races for each faction, and a overall total of 8 classes. Based on my experience, it doesn’t have an auto-attack feature or an auto-loot feature. Installing was a pain in the backside. I had to install the patches manually. The website goes offline for 10 secs every now and then. BUT it doesn’t have neat graphics for spells, crazy funny emotes, cute critter characters, awesome orcs, talents, and costumes that you can wear OVER your armor. I am simply amazed that this is a Free game. The only “paid” items you get that I can see is novelty stuff or timed buffs. Nothing as far as gear that will make you overpowered and top of the line. I heard there’s a marriage system in the game as well as a divorce system. You get certain features available when you marry someone. You can get a giant squirrel as a pet! I named my pink squirrel, Fluffy.

Our Arisens: Xeranu & Miaca

I have made a few characters already, because this game is just so interesting. From what I’ve experienced, all the quests are based on Faction and not race. You cannot create a party until Level 5. Actually you can’t really do anything socially until you complete the starting area. I love that there’s an interact button you can press if you can’t click on an object. I love how you pick up loot from a bag, and not the body. I just love the spell effects in this game. It’s really different from WoW. Right now, my main character is an Arisen Heretic (like a priest). An Arisen is basically an undead with some of their body parts are replaced with Mechanical parts. It’s really creepy *shivers*, but cool! At first I was lagging with this game, but I did a few tweaks to my graphics and now it runs smoothly. I also changed a couple of keybindings to mimic the keybindings in WoW. My husband made an Arisen Sorcerer (Mage). I also like how the character actually face and look at their targets. That feature made a really cute picture for our Arisens :)

My Elf Priest, Miaca

I also think it’s interesting that Elves in this game have wings. I’ve seen some screen shots of Elves with Angel wings, but most of them are more like Fairy wings. The males get wings like made out of fire. It’s pretty cool. I also have been doing some research as far as armor and mounts go, and I’m excited. The monsters look really cool, and I’m excited to fight some of them. The animation you do when you level up is addicting. I’m excited for this game. It’s not perfect; but for the price, (which is free) I can live with it :D



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