Afk PvP

Hello All!

In my previous post (A Nooby Day for Me), I mentioned all the nooby mistakes I did. Well, this one really topped the cake. Since I decided to play and level my priest to 80, I figured I’d run dungeons. Queue times were about 9 minutes and I didn’t feel like healing a dungeon. So I queued up for Warsong Gulch which was about the same queue time. My best friend, Lildevil logged on about that same time and we both decided to PvP together :) As soon as we entered the battleground, I see this macro: “Mage – Scilla has reported you AFK. To clear this status, type /afk clear”. Yes, you guess it. I fell for it. After I typed it and hit enter, I knew that instant what I had done. haha. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a macro like that that I completely forgot that if you’re AFK, you are out of the battleground and get a 15 minute debuff preventing you from requeing again. Of course, Lildevil is cracking up with Laughter in vent at me. She knows I never do noobish mistakes like this. Yet, I have been for the past couple of days. 

After running a few Warsong Gulchs with Lildevil, we did a few instances with my warrior and druid to get them their daily with Lildevil’s hunter and Deviltrigger’s paladin. That was painful. First off, I was healing on my druid in Halls of Stone. Deviltrigger was pushing my limits as a healer :) Glad he trusts my crappy heals enough to keep him alive through multiple pulls. Halls of Stone wasn’t too bad. The painful part was tanking Old Kingdom on my warrior. We had a 2.5K gearscore shaman healer who I swear kept dying because he would forget to heal himself. Why would he be taking damage? I have no idea. He didn’t have aggro of anything against my 5K gearscore warrior. Probably from mobs who target random players. Deviltrigger would resurrect him throughout the whole run. I didn’t die but I came close to dying. If it wasn’t for my cooldowns and Deviltrigger’s ret heals, I’d be dead. At the end of the run, Lildevil and Deviltrigger died to lack of heals. Shaman healer left party as soon as Loot was distributed. I felt bad for not being able to resurrect them ): Hence the painful part. 

I was done with World of Warcraft for the rest of the day. I felt so tired and exhausted that I didn’t want to play WoW at all. I just wanted to sleep. So I took a nap, logged on World of Warcraft, ran around Dalaran….and then logged off. Now, I’m off to PvP on my priest. I’m tired of dying in dungeons because of Fail tanks.


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