A Proto Drake!

Hello All,
   I did a couple of Randoms on my shaman as well as my Deathknight. Since the new patch came out with the LookingForGroup system, it’s mainly what I’ve been doing. Collecting badges and yet, I cannot stand to random heroics. It’s not that I have to deal with PuGs in general, but the ones with the Let’s-do-this-quick attitude. In Old Kingdom for example, I understand wanting to skip bosses (Mushroom & Hover Boss is what I call them) to get the run done and collecting the random heroic Reward, but it’s two badges you’d be missing out on! You say that “oh, but we get two badges for finishing the run”…hello! Learn to do Math again. It’s the same as getting badges prior to the new LFG system. You are still missing the badges! Plus overtime, those badges become 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14..etc that you could be having in your inventory. I do admit that clearing to the bosses are a pain especially because they are casters that hurt. My advice for the casters in that instance:

1) Interrupt & Kill Spell flingers first – They do a Shadow Blast that could wipe you guys if the healer isn’t all that great. Spell reflect is awesome for these Casters.
2) Go For the Frostbringers (a.k.a the frost dudes) – Based on my experience, these guys are what keep wiping us because of the damage they do. 
3) Dispell and Stay out of Flamestrike – It hurts so move out of it. It’ll be easier on your healer and group.
4) Go for Apostles – because they heal and we all know how much that can be a pain. 
5) On the three big purple mobs before the boss, when you see a giant purple crystal flying toward you, MOVE. Usually the healer should be geared enough to heal through it, but it can wipe a group.6) Don’t give me that look like ‘Trash is just Trash, Burn it!’, even if you have the top-end gear; you can still wipe in heroics with that attitude. 

   On the bright side, I FINALLY got my Red Proto Drake and my Glory of the Hero achievement on my Shaman. YAY! After getting my drake and getting a couple of crashes from my computer for some reason, I was asked to do a fresh 10 man Icecrown Citadel raid. I healed on my GIMP holy priest while my husband healed on his even GIMPER shaman :P He ended up being top healing and I was last on healing. I’m happy though. I was able to get this trinket from the first boss. I won with a roll of 58. WOOT! I calculated that it’s equal to almost 68 mana per 5! Big upgrade considering that I had the blue 36 mana per 5 trinket from Heroic Halls of Lighting. My husband also got a new dagger…that technically I won the roll but I decided to give to him because I still have no offhand. Now he has an epic dagger with a blue shield from Heroic Azjol-Nerub. We only did two attempts on Deathbringer Saurfang. On that fight, some of our range were having problems kiting the beasts. I ended up going Shadow for the Mind Flay to help them out. Ranged DPS still had some problems:

1) As soon as the Blood Beasts spawn, they become your target until ALL of them are down – Do not DPS the boss until they are down. Don’t get hit by the beasts as it gives ‘Runic Power‘ (that’s not what it’s called but same thing) to Deathbringer Saurfang. Once he reaches 100 ‘Runic Power’, he puts a debuff on a random player. That Player takes damage until s/he dies thus healing him for 5% of his max health.
2) They most likely will target a healer once they spawn – It’s the Ranged Player’s job to gain aggro before they hit or kill your healer.
3) You can Stun, Snare, knock back, and slow the blood beasts.
4) Elemental Shamans should watch out where Thunderstorm can knock the beasts. You could end up pushing the beasts towards another ranged player and kill them. Also, Don’t forget your earthbind totem. Not just for the Slow effect but for the roots if you have the talent: Storm, Earth, and Fire which can help with that Thunderstorm.
5) Hunters: I recommend not doing Feign Death to drop aggro from the beasts because they could kill the healers. However, that’s for hunters that unfortunately cannot kite. If you do Feign Death, use distracting shot on it before it touchs a healer. Put a frost trap up at Deathbringer Saurfang’s feet because that’s where the Blood beasts spawn. 
6) Mages: Don’t frost nova as soon as the blood beasts hit you. Your frost nova has a 10 yard radius. It’s 12 yard radius if you have the Frost talent: Arctic Reach. Use it BEFORE they hit you (unless it’s on cooldown, of course)

I’m not going to explain what abilities or spells to use for every class. This is based off of my experience that Range where having problems. It’s your job to know what spells, talents, and glyphs can Stun/Snare/Knock back/Slow your target.  With all that said, we didn’t get the boss down. It was getting late and people started to leave. We are planning on killing him tonight real quick. I hope over the weekend, we’ll finish our other 10 man ICC raid in Plagueworks. Since Tankspot’s new videos, the fights seem really easy to do. I’m excited to continue that raid. Anyways, I’m off to do some dailies. With all the raiding I’ve been doing lately, I’ll be going broke (HAHA! not really. I just like having gold so if I don’t feel like farming, there’s gold!)



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