A Piece of Paper…

Hello Everyone,

I know I already posted today, but I had to get this off of my chest…

There was a girl crying in my General Biology class today. At first, I thought she was getting over a cold. Then I realized it wasn’t a cold she was trying to get over, but it was sadness. One of my classmates, an older woman asked what was wrong before I could. Apparently the girl’s boyfriend got deployed and left, leaving her all alone for the next six months. She’s only lived here in Florida about 4 months, and doesn’t know anyone…I was shocked.

For one thing, I was proud of her. Because if it were me, I wouldn’t have come to class. Let alone when the teacher called for a break, I wouldn’t be working on homework from another class. I wouldn’t have the focus, or energy to mess with lectures or homework. Someone would probably ask “what’s wrong?”, and I really hate it when I’m crying and someone asks me “what’s wrong?”

Another thing, I felt depressed a bit. When I first moved here in Florida from California, I didn’t know anyone except my husband and his parents. Four years later, I know a few people; but not actual people I would want to talk to on a daily basis. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just trust a handful of people. In a way, I know how she felt. I get depressed from time to time, but I have my family to get me through it. If I didn’t have my family, I don’t know how I would function.

Before class was over, I handed this girl a piece of paper with my name, phone number, and email address. I usually keep to myself, but I made an exception with her. In fact, because of her…I’m going to try to be more outgoing. I even wrote a little note on that piece of paper saying “Hang in there :P” to help cheer her up a bit. I didn’t know what else to say…To be honest, I wanted to give her a hug and cry with her. I don’t know if she even wanted my number, but it’s what I would want. To feel like I’m “not alone”.

Can’t wait to see her on Wednesday to see how she’s doing…

What would you have done?



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2 Comments on "A Piece of Paper…"

  1. Karegina October 18, 2011 at 4:29 PM - Reply

    You did something that I would have done as well. It’s hard to be the one that puts yourself out to a new person, but she obviously needed it! Good job ;)

    • Sherry [Mia] October 18, 2011 at 6:08 PM - Reply

      Thank you. I feel like I did the right thing. I’m going to see her tomorrow, and I hope she’s feeling better. :)

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