A GM Joke!

Hello All!
Yesterday while out fishing Volatile Fires on my priest, I decided to submit a ticket to see if I can get a joke from a GM like I see on WoWBash.com. I submitted a ticket saying “I’m having a bad day, can I get a GM Joke to make my day better? :(” About 12 hours later while wiping in Heroic Vortex Pinnacle on Altairus, I got a response!
Yes, the Joke was kind of simple. I’m just glad I got a nice GM response! Most of my GM responses when I submit a ticket mostly seem robotic. One of the first times I submitted a ticket was when I was reporting this rogue for taking loot in Heroic Blood Furnance. He was being AFK A LOT and he would come back in time for a boss. We ended up kicking him before the last boss after warning him NUMEROUS times and he didn’t leave the instance! He wasn’t hearthing out or being teleported out. He was able to tap the last boss and we should’ve just died, but we killed it for him to avoid ANOTHER repair bill. Rogue ended up taking all the loot in Heroic Blood Furnace. When I submitted a ticket, the GM response was “He has a right to go AFK in an instance. You can’t kick someone for being AFK.” Yeah, that irritated me. I pretty much swore off of submitting a ticket to a GM EVER again.
One time, a hunter created several level 1 characters to harass my husband. My husband reported it. The hunter kept pulling mobs causing wipes in a regular Slave Pens run. My husband warned him “Stop it! Or I’m kicking you!” Hunter kept doing pulling and eventually, the Hunter got kicked from the group. Hunter harassed him, and my husband reported it. My husband ended up getting a 3 hour band because he said a curse word. The hunter got no punishment, even though the hunter made character with obscene and rude names.
And now, time to eat before heading off to school ^_^


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One Comment on "A GM Joke!"

  1. Tim Marsh March 9, 2011 at 7:59 PM - Reply

    Freakin' Awesome!

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