A Druid Rant

Hello All,
My husband and I farmed a bit of leather (approximately 24) last night for some gear for my druid when I hit 80. My husband likes to give me the “hookup” on gear when I hit level 80 on my character so that I’m able to do at least heroics with him right away. At least that’s how I look at it. I could be wrong though. I also did the random heroics on my Priest, Shaman, and Death knight (not that I wanted to, Hubby made me do it :P). Throughout the whole random heroics done, I just wanted to play my druid.
I turned level 78 on my druid (after multiple runs of Halls of Stone, Drak’tharon Keep, and Gun’Drak. Thanks LFG system) and have decided to make her a healer. I tried tanking a random dungeon on her last night just before bed. I got Halls of Stone and…I hated it. Of course, this make be different for everyone else, and maybe I’m not doing something right. Based on my experience on my druid, tanking was horrible. I remember back in Burning Crusade when I was able to spam Maul and Lacerate for AoE pulls and they stuck to me. Now, since EVERYONE does seem to do AoE damage on multiple pulls, I feel worthless. Swipe has crappy threat compared to Lacerate & Maul and I only have so many AoE taunts (only one). The mobs also kept trying to go behind me rather than staying in front of me. So Good game Blizzard…I now have another healer on my hands; not that I don’t mind having another healer…I love healing. I just leveled my druid to be a tank since my Deathknight is my only 80 tank. I loved Tanking in Burning Crusade because I was able to tank whatever was pulled and no one (except people WAY overgeared than me) could pull them off of me. I had a little discussion with my husband regarding Druid Threat thinking “maybe this is just a lower level thing and at level 80, it will be better”. Apparently not. Swipe still does crappy threat and with expertise & hit, Druid tanking is more BEARable (haha little lame joke there). Basically during the Halls of Stone run, I was yelling out obscene words because tanking was pissing me off. It’s not the group’s fault because they were holding back and watching there threat. There was even some 2 levels lower than me that were pulling threat and I trained all my abilities prior to this run. BLAH stupid lame sfhoeghouhgsoh Druid Tanking. Next topic!
I did the weekly raid killing Malygos on my Priest. I did it with a few friends from Burning Crusade and they are HILARIOUS :P I was able to use my first Fish feast! oh yea! I ended up being one of the top healers in Phase 3. Another thing I noticed because someone in vent said “no one needs this stuff right? Everyone is representing 232 stuff from the new heroics?”…My priest has gear. I didn’t noticed how quickly she got gear. I knew that she had her welfare tier 9 but I did not notice that my trinkets, rings, cloaks, wand and everything else was at least item level 215. (Blah blah Bragging, I know or Your toon is way better geared :P) I especially noticed how geared she was when we did Halls of Stone (yea I know, this instance seems to like me). I was literally trying to waste my mana and be out of it and I wasn’t able to. Woot for gear!
That was all for WoW adventures for me. I didn’t really run into any interesting noobie PuGs while running instances on ANY of my toons which was pretty nice. The only pug I would say that is worth mentioning sounded like he was hyper. Saying random questions and statements like “Why are the beetles here? What do they eat? AHHH STUPID BEETLES“…Ooooh k…What really annoyed me is when he wouldn’t space his words: justlikethisbecauseitssoubercool! < - (just like this because its so uber cool!) I couldn't exactly ignore him because he was on a different server. Lame Blizzard...get your act together, been pissing me off lately; especially your attempt on the 'Care package’. At least give me the option to ignore pugs or even better a longer ignore list!


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2 Comments on "A Druid Rant"

  1. Mia January 11, 2010 at 7:42 PM - Reply

    50 people is not enough!

    I have tried putting people from other servers and it wouldn't let me through the chat window. I'll try to type their name out and see how it goes. My ignore list isn't even full because I deleted one to be sure that wasn't it.

  2. Kiryn January 11, 2010 at 3:50 PM - Reply

    But… they DID make the ignore list longer in 3.3, so it can hold 50 people now. And you CAN ignore people from other servers. I do it constantly.

    It's a little difficult to do so if they haven't said a word the whole time (preventing me from simply clicking on their name in chat) and if they have weird alt-characters in their names (forcing me to go look up how to type them so I can ignore them) but all you have to do is type /ignore Name-Server and they'll be on your ignore list.

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