A BoHvXv Thanks…

Hello Everyone!

First off, I would like to thank the BlogAzeroth community for randomly selecting me as “Blog of the Week”. Of course now I feel the pressure of making a new post to possibly entertain my incoming readers!

Having already submitted my entry to BlogAzeroth’s Thanksgiving Event (and with Thanksgiving around the corner), I have decided to give thanks to something that has a special place in my heart. My guild.

We are currently the overall largest and one of the oldest guilds on this server. We were also Realm First to get to guild level 25. I am thankful for that. Lots of people will complain and say “oh it’s because you recruited people off trade chat”. Yes, and what’s your point? Blood of Heroes vXv is one of the friendliest guilds I have ever been in. We try to be serious in raiding, but overall we have fun together! The diversity of personalities in this guild has really changed me as a person. I have so much to say, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

1) Starcinder – As Guild Leader, I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am. This guild has grown so much since Vanilla! You are one of the most cool-headed person I know. I swear, you must be a peaceful monk in another life. LOL. I should have a lot to say, because I have known you the longest in this game. I just am totally speechless at how much I adore you, because I can’t find the words that would express it enough. Thank you SO much!

2) Rovor – Even though I despise your constant ranting, I love my “grumpy bear”. Who’s a grumpy bear? You are, but you are one of the most loved people in this guild. I hope you know that, and we do see your constant efforts to keeping this guild in shape. I’m thankful for your abilities to lead a raid, and your general knowledge that you (somehow) obtain. Love you, Rovor :)

3) Anthraxus – Let’s face it. We don’t really talk to each other, but I still admire you. Your dedication to this guild as an officer is admirable. Your tanking and raid leadership is untouched (calm down, Rovor). You are just a great person, and I wished we talked more :)

4) Lilmissmoo & Rebellion – Oh my best friends. I cannot tell you how much I love you guys. We have so much fun together, and I wish we lived closer. Lilmissmoo: Even though real life has been keeping me busy, I want you to know that I enjoy talking with you. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have a best friend who is similiar to my personality. Rebellion: Ok. You’re just too cool for words. Enough said. haha. I wish we could spend more time together, but I am thankful for the time we do spend together. Even if it just a simple quick talk in chat.

5) Cebe & Caveman – I have known you guys for such a long time, and I remember meeting you guys in Gruul’s lair. Cebe: I remember you in such gimp gear in Gruul’s lair, and you toping the healing. I admire you from then on. Not because of your skills, but also your personality. You are such a sweetheart and I hope you never change. Caveman: Don’t think I forgot when you called me the wrong name! *glare* hehe. Both you and Cebe have shown great game etiquette since I have met you, and I love you guys for that. Also the laughs <3

6) Taurinus & Zaafir – I’m not sure if you guys are the oldest in guild, but you guys are still the “grandpas”. Taurinus: I have known you as long as I have known Cebe and Caveman. I am just as thankful for you as I am of them. <3 You are not the quickest typer, but you sure make it up with humor. Much love! Zaafir: My fellow priest. We may be the only active raiding priests in guild, but you sure pass me as a discipline healer. I also love the humor you bring every time you get your face eaten by a mob. LOL. <3

7) Headrush/Supersized – My dear husband. I am happy that I have a partner who I share common interests with. I love playing World of Warcraft with you. I love the time and effort you spend with me. I know we may love playing World of Warcraft together, but we don’t always enjoy the same things in-game. I am thankful that you are willing to tolerate some things in order to spend time with me. <3

8) Barished, Bodycount, Chikin, EliteGD, Junawe, Schoolsterz, Seinneka, Sherpa, Soryo and many more – Thanks for letting come home and enjoy my time in-game. For those that are not listed, forgive me. I wish I could list every one that I have come into contact with in Blood of Heroes, but I cannot. Know that I still love you :) Thanks for the laughs and good times. I’m looking forward to more!

Happy Thanksgiving, Blood of Heroes vXv.



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  1. Navimie November 22, 2011 at 4:55 PM - Reply

    That was a lovely post thanking your guildies Mia :) Guildies and the blog community make WoW such a fun place. Grats on being the blog of the week!

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