7 minutes of Jin’do

Hello Everyone!

So a couple of days ago, I wanted to do a Zandalari Heroic on my hunter, I asked my best friend if she wanted to heal it for me. Between school, my son, (and lots of other things), I don’t get to spend a lot of time hanging out with just me and Lildevil.

The heroic run itself was fine…ok, not really. I was top damage through out the entire instance. I also had to pop out my Tank pet just in case the tank died. Now, Lildevil is a great healer. I love her, and she amazes me with her druid HoTs :P This run really pushed her amazing skills to the brink. I honestly don’t remember how the entire instance went as far as what went wrong. I think I recall a warrior DPS acting like he didn’t know the fight. The warrior just kept dying over and over. I also know she did her best healing through that instance. The screenshot proves it. I remember it was pushing 7 minutes of healing the Jin’do fight, and the only person to die was her towards the end.

I felt really bad, but she knows I did everything I possibly could as my part as a DPS. I kited and DPSed the adds; but the amount of adds got overwhelming. I wished I had a screenshot of all the adds coming after Lildevil, but this one is all I took.

In case you can’t read the chat log, and don’t want to click on the image, this is what it says:
<Deadly Boss Mods> Jin’do the Godbreaker down after 6 minutes and 49 seconds! Your last kill took 3 minutes and 41 seconds and your fastest kill took 2 minutes and 29 seconds.



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