4/9 toons!

Hello all,
I just got my warlock to level 56, and my priest to level 63. This means I just have my mage, hunter, warrior, deathknight, and paladin to level. I refuse to level a rogue because I don’t like them. So I have no idea what toon I’ll be leveling next…probably my hunter or warrior. Anyways, I’m really digging this new Real ID Friend system. I love being able to chat with my friends no matter what toon they are on. I don’t like how it shows your REAL full name. I really don’t like that. I just don’t like idea of seeing my real full name in a game.
Watched ‘Leatherheads’ with my hubby and mother-n-law. I am very disappointed with that movie. They advertised it like it would have more slapstick…I miss slapstick comedy. Seems like all comedy is nowadays is vulgar with sex, nudity, and cussing. Don’t get me wrong. I think some of that stuff is hilarious, but it’s not necessary throughout the ENTIRE movie.
And now…I’m going to play some WoW and run a few instances on my priest.


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