450 Cooking!

Hello All!
I’m just going to summarize because I’m pissed at Blogger at the moment. I wrote out a HUGE post out (with links) and I lost all my links in my post even after I saved it. I don’t want to redo it. But I’ll redo tomorrow. EDIT: Redid it. I also made my layout a bit bigger because my posts felt compact. Making me Claustrophobic.

Today I decided to level up my cooking on my Priest just so I could make Fish Feasts. My priest was at level 428/450 and apparently the only thing I could make to level Cooking was Small Feasts. So I ended up spending 2-3 hours farming the materials needed to level up my cooking to 450. I believe I farmed over 250 fishes because I also wanted to make a stack of the Fish Feasts. What made me decide to level my priest’s cooking is because I have two toons that raid. I raid every night and I don’t want to come across a time where we don’t have any fish feasts.

After doing that boring task, I decided to go for Glory of the Hero Achievement on my priest just for the mount. My priest has over 95 companion and she has the Proto-drake whelp. I figured since the Proto-drake whelp is red, it would match my red proto-drake mount :) I got a few guildies to help but…they wanted to do Pit Of Saron for the two handed DPS axe that drops off the last boss. I also did 10 man Trial of the Champion on my Shaman. No real good loots dropped for healing but I got a Elemental DPS helm off the last boss. My husband tanked and got nothing out of that run besides badges. After that I did Heroic Oculus and got the Make it Count achievement. They really did make that instance SUPER easy since the new patch. It’s more bearable now, but you still have those pugs that don’t know what they are doing so it can still take long.

Also watched Land of the lost today and it was a pretty good movie. I did miss bits and pieces of the movie because I was trying to keep an eye on my Bobber while fishing to get my cooking up. I haven’t seen the Original one but based on the Will Ferrell version, I hope one day I could see that movie. I especially love Danny McBride from Super Troopers and Tropic Thunder is in this movie. He’s hilarious for the in-a-hurry-and-action-obsessed redneck role. I also added a new section onto my sidebar called ‘Pug of the Week’. This section is basically to acknowledge people for either their patience with Pickup groups, being a noob, or even just being on top of the charts in Recount in WoW. I wanted to do this because I know it makes me feel better to know that people put up with the stuff they do and still have the urge to continue. This section isn’t just players I come across through the LFG system. They can also be nominated by my readers. All you have to do is email mia@go-farm-yourself.com the following information:
1) Put in ‘Pug of the Week’ in the subject line
2) Send a screenshot of the player being nominated.
3) Write the reason why you nominated this player.

And that’s it! The ‘Pug of the week’ is picked at total random & there is no prize for being ‘Pug of the Week’. So Keep it up, you could be the next ‘Pug of the week’. Yea, I know it’s kind of lame but I figured it’ll be fun to read the emails about other players by my readers. Well, that’s all for today. SEND ME THOSE EMAILS :P



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