36 weeks

hehe. Yea, I guess I’m 36 weeks now. Wow…tho….haha I’ve been getting stretch marks like crazy. I’m surprised how big I am. I mean…if Logan gets any bigger, I wouldnt be surprised to a C-Section. *prays that wont happen* His movements are beginning to be more rough? I think the word I would to describe it. I can feel his limbs moving around and it’s as if I were holding him ^.^ EEEEP! haha I’m so excited! haha. I was watching Aliens (2nd one) last night, Logan kept moving everytime an Alien popped up. I have a doctor’s appointment for Logan in about 2 hours. I’ll write more about Logan after that.

Something I was talking to Michael as I was watching Aliens last night. WHY DONT THEY MAKE MOVIES LIKE THAT ANYMORE?! I mean the part where the Queen comes into play…is awesome! Hard to believe that’s all mainly Animatronics and Suits/Puppets. It looked to real as to CGI special effects they use nowadays.. I was actually really into the movies because of all the special effects. ZOMG I really wanna watch the 3rd one after the doctor’s office today. haha. um….that’s all I have to say at the moment. I’m going to start getting ready for the doctor’s. Laters!



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