1 year old

Hello Everyone,

I would like to start off this blog by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son, Logan. He turned 1 year old..Technically he’ll be 1 year old at 10:33om but who wants to get techinical? haha I received a birthday card from my grandma (Logan’s great Grandma) yesterday. I was expecting a one dollar bill because that’s what she did for ALL of my birthdays and she still does it. Oh well, I know she’s doesnt have the money so I’m happy she at least sent a card :D Althought it’s Logan’s birthday today, I dont think we’ll do anything other than a couple of day trips. We’re planning on having some family members visit on Memorial day (Monday) for a little party. I also called my brother yesterday and I was surprised to hear that he remember Logan’s birthday haha. I received some disappointing news too about his plan to visit me. Apparently his assistant manager is taking maternity leave so he might not be able to come visit.

I love my brother a lot. I really do. He is the one that made me realized that I would be a great mom. There were times that we did fight but in the end, I practically wanted to raise when I was younger. So I’m really happy to hear that he wanted to come visit me because I didnt exactly leave California on good terms. Last time I got to see him was when he came to Orlando for a cheerleading competition for 10 mins before he had to take a plane back to California. So I hope he comes to visit for at least a week. I also cant wait for my dad to come to visit us because he said he was planning on it. One of Michael’s sisters, Heidi is coming to visit on the 27th of June…I’m excited to meet her.

Anyways, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely as far as socially. I love my family and I know that all I need is my family. I’ve been here in Orlando, FL for two years and I have yet to meet someone my own age who is a mom. My son doesnt have anyone to play with except for my nephew who is 8 years old. So I am currently looking online (Myspace, Facebook, CafeMom) to find moms who have kids around Logan’s age to have playdates with him. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I know that I dont have that many hobbies or interests other than Television and World of Warcraft. So I guess another reason would be to get out and try new hobbies and things with other moms.  So if you have any suggestions as far as looking online, visit my website to find ways to contact me. If you want to call me, You can add me to friends on MySpace or Facebook and my number is listed on there. 

OH! on my Website…I also added a DONATE button on the main page of SherryBuckle.Com. I added it onto my website so instead of sending money like most of my family members want to. I decided that if they wish to donate some money, it can be their choice. All donations will be used in providing for my son (Toys, Diapers, food..etc.) Starting May 31st, mostly all of the donations will help with Logan’s medical bills because his medicaid will end on that day. Remember this is merely a choice of yours, you dont HAVE to donate. I’m currently looking for a job but with this economy, (especially in Orlando) it’s hard. So dont act like I’m begging for money and I’m too lazy to find a job. 

Well I’m going to end this post because Logan just hit his face on the leg of the end table T_T so I need to tend to him.


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